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Ready, SET- Go!

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The Ready SET-Go! Camp is a one-day workshop for high school girls held every November. (SET stands for Science, Engineering, and Technology.) Modeled after the eighth-grade GEMS camp, this version offers activities more suited to high-school age students and is designed to help students decide how to focus their interests into a college major and a career. To this end, professional women from the industry provide a key part of the workshop.

The goals of this workshop are to introduce high school-aged women to engineering, math, and science through a highly dynamic program of hands-on activities, increase student and parent knowledge of engineering, math, and science with regard to academic preparation and professional opportunities, provide an environment that facilitates learning and excitement about engineering, math, and science, and to inspire young women to continue to pursue the courses of study introduced during the workshop.

Due to the generous contributions of corporate sponsors, the cost of the workshop is only $25 per student, which includes lunch. Special tours and activities are planned for parents and teachers who accompany the students. Their lunch and refreshments will be provided at no cost.

Event Details

Date and Time: November 3, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: SDSU Crothers Engineering Hall, Brookings, SD

Student Agenda for the day:

9:00-9:30 Registration and Refreshments, Crothers Hall 204

9:30-9:45 Welcome & opening ceremony

10:00-11:45 Session One

11:45- 12:30 Lunch... Speaker:  National Association of Women in Construction

12:30-2:15 Session Two

2:15-2:45 Ice Cream Break

2:45-4:30 Session Three

4:30-4:50 Closing Ceremony


Click here to apply. Camp registration fee is $25 per student if received by November 1. Late camp fee is $35. Teachers and guardians are free.


SESSION ONE:   Going With the Flow, Engineering Systems for Better Water Management

Water is critical to life and everyone impacts water in one form or another.  In this session you will investigate engineering strategies to manage urban stormwater in a way that improves water quality, reduces flooding, and preserves or enhances habitat.  The theme of the day will be low impact development (LID) also referred to as green infrastructure.  Best management practices that fall under the LID umbrella are bioretention or rain gardens, pervious pavement, green roofs, bioswales, and rainwater harvesting.  You will get hands-on exposure with multiple types of LID and develop an urban watershed plan that uses LID to manage stormwater runoff.  At the end of the day, you will better understand how we shape water and what we can do to manage water.



SESSION THREE:  Computer Science



Camp Sponsors