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Prospective and Current SDSU Students

Here at SDSU, the Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering welcomes students interested in learning, creating and making positive contributions to the community. Native American students are becoming more involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, often with the goal of meeting the challenges that reservations face today. Engineers help students learn about cleaner and more efficient sources of energy; access to cleaner water and sanitation treatment; more efficient buildings and other structures; better roads and bridges; up-to-date computer and infrastructure applications and overall advances in technology; and the latest in electrical and mechanical innovations. Specializations in Engineering at SDSU include Civil (including Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural and Transportation), Computer Science, Electrical and Mechanical. There are multiple STEM degrees offered by the College of Engineering including Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral.

There are 567 tribes currently recognized in the U.S., each sovereign and self-governing, and there are multiple issues that affect all Native communities throughout the United States. Currently, five of the top 10 poorest counties in the U.S. encompasses North and South Dakota reservations. Native American students can advance great changes for the better through STEM knowledge if those are their goals, so that tribes can better determine and apply their own local solutions to improve reservation life. SDSU can help students achieve the skills they will need in order to begin the process.

Students with engineering degrees have the potential to empower tribes to become more self-sufficient and to achieve higher standards of living on reservations across the country. Furthermore, students who pursue engineering degrees can help the world to improve water security, climate change, economic growth and to meet so many other global challenges. The demands of the engineering profession have always risen to the challenge of meeting the demands of the world. Engineering is powerful.


Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is a program that allows incoming freshman to attend college one month before other freshmen. Summer Bridge freshman will be allowed to move in towards the end of July and build relationships with other students and faculty on campus. This is a great program for students who would like to earn some credits before regular classes begin, as well as having a lot of time to adjust to your new college setting.

Contact Information: Jill VanDamme - Jump Start Advisor

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

AISES is a group that promotes Native American professionalism in presenting new ideas in science and engineering fields. AISES is a national society where SDSU falls within region 5 with its own AISES group on campus. The on-campus society is a way for students to get more involved with STEM activities while attending SDSU.

American Indian Student Center

The AISC is a great resource for Native American Students to create connections with other Native American students and faculty. The AISC is great for Native American students who would like help adjusting to college life and life away from home. SDSU is unique by offering such support and space for Native American and Alaskan/Hawaiian Natives.

Scholarship Opportunity