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Hill Climber

The goal of this competition is to design and fabricate a vehicle that can climb a ramp under its own power, stop at the top of the ramp, and sustain its position against an opposing vehicle coming up the other side of the ramp.

Vehicle Specifications

  1. The vehicle must be autonomous. No remote power, control wires, or remote-control links are allowed.

  2. The vehicle's exterior dimensions may extend up to 25 cm beyond the sides of an imaginary 28 cm cube before it is activated to run. A device may extend beyond this limit once activated. No assembly outside the box will be allowed.

  3. At the start of each run, each vehicle will be located in the designated start area at the foot of the hill.

  4. The vehicle must be started by an activation device on the vehicle. Team members may not activate any device before the start.

  5. The vehicle must stop automatically before the end of a fifteen second time period.

  6. Only the following energy sources can be used to power the vehicle. Combinations of these energy sources will be allowed.

    a. Six batteries of up to nine volts total

    b. Unlimited 3" x 1/8" size 33 Rubber bands

    c. Unlimited Victor® Mouse - traps (Model # - M150/M154) or equivalent

  7. The vehicle's weight, including batteries, must not exceed two kilograms.

  8. The vehicle must not use chemicals or dangerous substances. No rocket-type devices, CO2 propulsion devices, or chemical reaction are allowed.

  9. The vehicle must not be anchored to the ramps in any way. At the end of the run, the vehicle must lie completely on the ramp. As an exception, objects jettisoned from the vehicle do not have to lie on the track at the end of the run.

  10. The vehicle must run within the 28 cm wide, carpet covered track. On either side of the track are 1" guide rails. At the end of the run, no part of the vehicle may rest on top of the guide rails.

Vehicle Disqualification

Failure to adhere to any of the vehicle specifications will result in disqualification.

Vehicle Competition

Competing vehicles will start at the bottom of opposite ends of the hill in the respective start zone. Upon signal from the judge, each vehicle will have a maximum of fifteen seconds to reach and maintain position at the top of the hill. At the end of the fifteen second trial, the vehicle maintaining position at the top of the hill will be declared the winner for that trial.

The vehicle closest to the center of the top of the hill and maintaining position nearest the ramp surface will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the lightest vehicle will be declared the winner. In the event both vehicles disqualify, the vehicle to disqualify last will be declared the winner.

All judges' decisions are final.