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2013 Awards

Researcher of the Year - 2013

Dr. Qi Hua Fan
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

Dr. Qi Hua Fan is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Before joining SDSU in 2010, he worked for three years as a research assistant professor at the University of Toledo and seven years as a research scientist in display industry. In the last four years, Dr. Fan has established a state-of-the-art electro-optics lab for research and education.

Dr. Fan's research on plasma science and nanostructured photovoltaic materials focuses on new approaches to enduring challenges in both renewable energy and optoelectronics. He has received funding from the North Central Regional Sun Grant Center, the South Dakota Board of Regents, the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy, as well as industry partners including Xunlight and Wintek Corporations. Dr. Fan was the first SDSU researcher to receive a National Science Foundation Innovation Corps grant, which emphasizes industry engagement and commercialization. His active pursuit of university research commercialization is evidenced by his multiple invention disclosures and patent applications and close collaboration with industry. Dr. Fan's work also emphasizes the combination of education and research; he has collaborated with other faculty members and established advanced modeling platforms for teaching and research in multiple disciplines. Dr. Fan's research has been reported by various news media.

Dr. Fan was born in China and holds a Ph.D. degree in applied physics. He and his wife Li Qin Zhou has one son, John.

Young Investigator of the Year - 2013

Dr. Xijin Ge
Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics, Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Xijin Ge has built a wide-ranging and prolific research program since joining the SDSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics in 2007. The focus of his research is bioinformatics, but he has produced significant results in areas as wide ranging as finance and the preservation of large, online data sets. In bioinformatics, he has done extensive work on the large-scale expression analysis of natural antisense transcripts and also made contributions in the areas of genetic susceptibility to breast cancer, drought tolerance, prairie cord grass as a source of biomass and many others. He has published more than twenty peer reviewed papers, several of them being featured on annual "highly accessed" lists, has received over $900,000 in external research funding to date as principal investigator and has been involved in many other funded research efforts as a sought-after collaborator and consultant.

Grantswinship Awards - 2013

The College of Engineering Grantswinship awards recognize faculty who have developed a substantial amount of research and external funding activity. The criteria for receiving one of these annual awards is that the faculty member must have received, or had expenditures of, external funding in the amount of $100,000 or more during the fiscal year. This year we were delighted to make these awards to 24 individuals from all departments within our college. Our congratulations go to each of them, and we hope to present the same award to them next year, as well as to additional faculty members.

2013 Grantswinship Award Winners
2013 Grantswinship Award Winners

Left to Right: Nadim Wehbe, Jon Puetz, Xiao Qin, Dave Galipeau, Chris Schmit, Qi Hua Fan, Mahdi Farrokh Baroughi, Rich Reid, Qiquan Qiao, Teresa Hall, Sharon Vestal, Stephen Gent, Sung Shin, Fred Delfanian