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What if I have been in contact with someone who is sick?

When an individual at SDSU has been exposed to presumptive or confirmed COVID-19 test:

  1. Individual must notify as follows:
    1. Employee notifies supervisor.
    2. Student notifies the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (students).
    3. Visitor on campus notifies their SDSU contact, supervisor or University Police Department.
  2. The designated notification individual or office will:
    1. Gathers information, if available, to include:
      1. Whether they have been tested for COVID-19 and any results thereof,
      2. The individual’s contact information and location,
      3. Have they contacted a physician,
      4. Date of symptom onset,
      5. Last contact with SDSU site and individuals within last 14 days.
    2. Informs the employee or visitor not residing on SDSU property of the designated instructions attached as applicable and that they are to leave campus immediately and not to circulate in or on SDSU properties. Inform students of the designated instructions and to select one of two options: return home immediately for quarantine period OR move to the SDSU self-isolation/quarantine housing for quarantine period (VPSA Office will coordinate).
    3. Notifies:
      1. Employee’s supervisor notifies employees, notify the AVP for HR who will notify the EMT Chair.
      2. For students, the VP for Student Affairs who will notify the EMT chair.
      3. For visitors, notify EMT chair who notifies SDSU Miller Wellness Center medical representative.
    4. Informs employee or student that South Dakota Department of Health will be notified in conformity with applicable law.
    5. Informs ill individual to stay in contact with the supervisor or designated notification individual to ensure when the individual is cleared to resume or participate in remote or in-person job functions, in-person or remote academic, or other university functions.
    6. University residential life representatives will work to coordinate appropriate isolation housing in conformity with law for individuals residing on campus.
  3. EMT chair will notify Facilities and Services or Student Life Building Team regarding locations for disinfection.
  4. SDSU Student Health and Counseling Center designated representative contacts South Dakota Department of Health. Information will be shared as allowed by law. If there is a positive COVID-19 test on campus, SDSU will work with public health officials to determine if additional health and safety steps are necessary. The EMT will work to implement and coordinate any related emergency actions.
  5. University Marketing and Communications will ensure that communication is disseminated through the COVID-19 webpage and campus email when there is a confirmed COVID-19 test. If the EMT determines there is a threat level requiring a higher level of notification, the chief of UPD determines if a timely warning is required, and those communications will be initiated in accordance with SDSU Policy 10:3. The South Dakota Department of Health is responsible for contact tracing and any quarantine directives.


Individual believes he/she has been exposed to someone with presumptive or a positive COVID-19 test or is sick with symptoms:

No notification to campus. However, SDSU will share information from the CDC about good hygiene practices, what to do for isolation, and when sick:

Individual tests positive for COVID-19:

  • Provide notification communications in accordance with protocols above.