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JacksRBack Videos


Wondering what it will be like when you return to campus? Watch the videos below to see what precautions we are taking to ensure a safe and positive experience for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. Check back often, as we will be adding more videos.

Fall 2020 Move-In Information

What Happens If I Get Sick with COVID-19?

South Dakota State University takes the health and safety of its students seriously. If a student becomes sick with COVID-19, we have resources to ensure they can recover and continue their academic journey. Doug Wermedal, associate vice president for student affairs, shares what SDSU’s protocol is if students become ill.

Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services and Jackrabbit Pharmacy

The Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services and Jackrabbit Pharmacy are still available to the campus community. See what services they provide and how they can help you stay healthy.

What Will Living on Campus Be Like?

Can I gather with my friends in the residence halls? How do I navigate the topic of social distancing with my roommate? Will I have a good experience living on campus? Residence hall directors Brian Dominguez and Brooke Walker-Merry tackle tough topics about living on campus.

Food Service

Do I have to wait in line for food? Where do I pick up my Grubhub order? Where can I eat with my friends? Doug Wermedal, associate vice president for student affairs, and Jennifer Novotny, senior director for the University Student Union, talk about what food options are available for students this fall.

University Student Union

The University Student Union is a place where a lot of students like to spend their time. But how do we ensure that students can use the facility safely?

Campus Events

The campus community needs events to look forward to during the pandemic … they may just look a little different. See what guidelines are in place for campus gatherings both large and small.


Miller Wellness Center

Exercise machines, equipment and classes are all still available, however, the overall layout may look a little different. See what the Miller Wellness Center looks like as Shari Landmark, recreation and fitness director, navigates through what new guidelines are in place.

Classrooms, Office Hours and Academic Labs

South Dakota State University is ensuring each student can maintain social distance during in-person classes. Classrooms have spaced seating for students and an acrylic shield for faculty while they teach. Provost Dennis Hedge and associate professor for animal science Michael Gonda speak about how the university will keep students safe without compromising their academic experience.


South Dakota State University is not only an institution of higher learning, but it is also one of the largest employers in Brookings. See what guidelines are in place for employees working in-person at State.


Research takes place in many formats—in the laboratory, in the field and sometimes with other people. See what guidelines SDSU has implemented for those conducting research.


Hilton M. Briggs Library is a common place for study sessions, group projects and collecting learning materials. Kristi Tornquist, the chief university librarian, speaks about what the library guidelines will be when students use this academic resource in the fall.

Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center

Even though performances may look a little different at the OLPAC than they did before, the show must go on! David Reynolds director of the School of Performing Arts, speaks about how students can complete performances and how they can be viewed by an audience.

Student Organizations

Will student organizations be able to meet in person? What will fundraisers and programming look like? See how students can be involved on campus this academic year.