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Student Organizations JacksRBack Plan

JacksRBack Plan for Student Organizations—Fall 2020

This plan is grounded in the SDSU Guiding Principles for Return to Campus and SDSU COVID-19 Protocols.

Below are the requirements for student organization operation during the pandemic.


To establish protocols and procedures utilizing CDC and SDSU guidelines for student organization functions during the COVID-19 pandemic and opening of the university for face-to-face learning on campus.


Student organization members and student leaders serve as role models on campus. To support a healthy learning environment, student organization members are asked to follow specific guidelines in order to maintain a healthy campus.

  1. Complete an agreement that is signed by the student organization president and co-signed by the student organization adviser stating the student organization will follow the protocols and procedures below and that failure to follow the recommendations may result in referral to the student conduct process for adjudication.
  2. Identify a designated safety representative with the role of reading and enforcing safety guidelines at each meeting.
  3. Ensure training on SDSU guidelines for the pandemic is completed at the first meeting of the year to remain in good standing as an organization.
    1. The training will be developed by SDSU and made available for all student organizations.
    2. The training completion date will be reported to the Office of Student Engagement within one week of the first meeting of the student organization in the fall.
  4. Read the following safety statement during the COVID-19 pandemic at the start of each meeting and event hosted by the student organization to inform participants of SDSU’s recommended health and safety protocols.
    1. South Dakota State University is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its students, faculty, staff, administration and guests. As we continue to navigate the global COVID-19 pandemic, we highly encourage all individuals to do the following during this event/meeting/program, if possible, out of respect for one another:
      1. Remain home if you are ill;
      2. Follow the current university and SDBOR face covering protocols;
      3. Maintain appropriate distance from each other by staying in your designated seat/area, keeping seating in its original space;
      4. Maintain clean hands by washing or sanitizing them using hand sanitizer;
      5. Cough or sneeze into a Kleenex or your elbow; and
      6. Notify the Office of Student Affairs if someone tests positive for COVID-19.
  5. When holding meetings, provide multiple options for student participation to allow all individuals to participate who wish to do so, which could include:
    1. Face-to-face meeting with limited number of participants based upon maximum pandemic occupancy for the room utilized. If groups are smaller than maximum pandemic occupancy of the meeting room, the student organization is permitted to meet in person. Individuals are required to follow the current university and SDBOR face covering protocols;
    2. Student organizations larger than the maximum pandemic occupancy of their meeting room can allow participation in person up to the maximum pandemic occupancy of their meeting room and allow others to participate via Zoom.
    3. Student organizations may meet more frequently face-to-face in smaller group sizes bases upon the maximum pandemic occupancy of their meeting room. Example: Group of 100 students can meet 4 times a month with only 25 students per group, rotating who is in person at each meeting. 
    4. Outdoor meetings and events will follow social distancing protocols. Individuals are required to follow the current university and SDBOR face covering protocols. Student organizations are able to have more individuals present at an outdoor meeting or event than in a room with a new capacity, but all individuals should be 6 feet apart during the entirety of the meeting.
  6. Fundraising
    1. No fundraisers involving food will be allowed on campus for the 2020-21 academic school year so as to not compromise health and safety of individuals, unless the fundraiser is in conjunction with Aramark and the student organization is not involved in the preparation or distribution of the food.
    2. If a student organization wants to raise money off campus, they may continue to do so. No selling of self-prepared food is permitted. However, a third-party agency, such as a restaurant, may host a day for a student organization where a portion of proceeds from sales go to that organization. The student organization would not be selling, making or distributing the food so this would be allowable.
  7. Travel
    1. Student organization travel supported or sponsored by SDSU funds, resources or services is subject to the same approvals, rules and guidelines applicable to all university-supported travel.
    2. Current guidelines articulate the following travel protocols by color status of emergency and are highly recommended for nonuniversity-supported or sponsored travel also.
  8. Consequences
    1. A student organization's failure to comply with the above protocols and procedures will be referred to the student conduct process for adjudication.