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SDSU Dairy Bar COVID-19 Operation Plan

JacksRBack SDSU Dairy Bar COVID-19 Operation Plan

Planned Audience: General public

  • Staffing and Safety Protocols
    • Two full-time employees on-site with operational support from Aramark central staff. No student employees will be used for the first month of reopening.
    • As we phase in opening schedules and breaks in both the retail and production areas work schedules will be staggered to hold number of persons in this space to a minimum.
    • Follow current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, South Dakota Department of Health and food preparation and service guidelines and adjust accordingly.
    • Current guidelines for food preparation and service include:
      • Temperature screening upon prior to scheduled shift start time (Required by Aramark, employees with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will be sent home, asked to contact their health care provider and follow health care provider's guidance about returning to work. Brief policy overview at end of this document. Full text of Aramark's policy is on file in the Office of Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.)
      • Access to personal protective equipment—including facial coverings—is required during all front-of-house activities and any situation where 6-foot social distancing is not possible. (Required and provided by Aramark brief policy overview at end of this document. Full text of Aramark's policy is on file in the Office of Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.)
    • Ensure all employees are fully trained and certified prior to re-opening date of June 15.
    • Provide Plexiglas barrier in front of point-of-sale area. SDSU Facilities and Services will install prior to opening date
    • Service counter width will also create a 6-foot barrier. In addition, standard floor decals will create visual spacing for proper intervals.
    • Individuals are required to follow the current South Dakota State University and South Dakota Board of Regents' face covering protocols.
  • Cleaning
    • Full-time employees will clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces (e.g., door handles, cash registers, tables and chairs) frequently. Full-time employees will also maintain back-of-house facilities, following current CDC, SD-DOH and food preparation and service guidelines. A full roster of cleaning products appears at the end of this plan
    • SDSU custodial staff clean restrooms. Facilities and Services personnel will also do a deep cleaning when the location is closed each day.
  • Hours
      • Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. (Through Aug. 14)
      • Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Beginning Aug. 17)
      • Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (Post COVID-19)

*Hours of service will be evaluated on SDSU football game days, which are still to be determined.

  • Entrance/Exit Procedures
    • Dedicated entrance and exit doors will be indicated by signage on each door.
  • Dining and Front-of-House Area
    • Limit seating capacity to allow for social distancing. Working with staff and Facilities and Services to ensure table spacing and ensure capacity requirements are met, per city and state guidelines for food service establishments. Seating for 25 chairs will allow 50% occupancy.
    • Install floor decals and stanchions to demonstrate desired customer flow to ensure individuals remain at least 6 feet apart. Facilities and Services will provide preferred decals.
  • Tours and Groups
    • Tours and group visits to the production areas will be suspended until further notice.
    • Groups that come for retail ice cream will be limited to the inside space at the capacity of 10 at a time in line. Signage will be provided stating this requirement.
  • Signage
    • Post signage in highly visible locations that promote protective measures and describe how to stop the spread of germs, including hand-washing and facial covering information.
    • Utilize floor decals, provided by Facilities and Services and Java City brand location signage.
    • Exterior signage will prohibit entry if displaying symptoms such as fever, cough, etc.
  • Guidelines and Rules
    • Follow CDC, SD-DOH and food preparation and service guidance for retail food service establishments and/or retail food store(s).
    • Encourage guests to use Grubhub services to limit the amount of time spent in the establishment.
    • Guests will be encouraged to carry out vs. dine in.
    • Guests will be encouraged to use cashless or contactless payment options, when applicable.
    • Self-serve stations will be suspended.
    • Use disposable service ware only (Including dishes, flatware and drinkware).
    • Discontinue guest use of reusable mugs and water bottles.
    • All condiments will be available at guest request. Bulk condiment containers will be discontinued.
    • Limit Grab-n-Go menu options in first phase.
    • Provide guests/seating areas with disposable sanitizer wipes, provided by Facilities and Services.

Vendor-Required Temperature Policy Overview           

  • Contact Aramark for this policy.  

Vendor-Required Facial Covering Policy Overview

  • Contact Aramark for this policy.  

Chemical Product and Manufacturer Information

  • Contact Aramark for the chemical product list. Safety sheets are maintained in Aramark offices.