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SDSU Anticipates “More Normal” Campus Operations for Fall 2021 Semester

Posted March 15, 2021

SDSU Community –

Earlier today the South Dakota Board of Regents announced that the six public universities and two special schools are planning for more normal operations this fall. The news release has been posted to the regents website.

The university’s press release has been posted to

This is certainly encouraging news and something the JacksRBack Task Force and COVID-19 Response Team have started discussing. With the rollout of vaccines, there is certainly optimism about a more normal operation next year. But let’s be reminded that we still have work to do in the coming months and must remain vigilant to our current protocols in order to finish this academic year strong.

We would like to thank everyone—our students, faculty and employees—for your efforts these past 12 months. It was almost exactly one year to the day that we announced spring break was going to be extended for a week. That ultimately led to the semester being finished online and everyone being sent home for a period of time. We all remember the uncertainty when those decisions were made.

What we have learned in the past year is how resilient a Jackrabbit can be. We have responded, learned and adapted. We returned to campus and locations throughout the state and are fulfilling our land-grant mission. It has not always been easy, but together we have found a way and we will continue to lean on each other as we get closer to finally turning the corner on COVID-19. We had tremendous support from city leaders in Brookings and other communities in the state and will continue to build on those relationships and partnerships.

In the coming weeks and months, communications about our plans and protocols for the 2021 fall semester will be shared. We will continue to follow our current protocols through the remainder of the spring semester and then turn our attention toward the next academic year and what the new normal will mean.

We recognize that a transition to a new normal needs to occur over a period of time so that we can gradually work toward a safe return for employees and students. We anticipate that transition beginning after this semester concludes. We will be transparent in our approach and planning as to what that transition will entail.

We will also plan for in-person learning for our students to be in classrooms next fall that are not as limited by the same capacity restrictions as this year, while accounting for another generation of Jackrabbits to move on campus and begin their first year of college. We have hopes of getting back to a vibrant campus with large crowds at football games, as well as the lure of another major on-campus event to be announced at a later date.

Stay tuned! More information will be shared soon.

Until then, let’s please stay safe and vigilant in our current protocols and those safety measures that will continue to be in place this semester and during the summer months.

Thank you again for being a part of the SDSU family and everything you do for our great university.

JacksRBack Task Force