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Room Capacities

Effective May 24, 2021 - Large group events held in indoor facilities will be allowed 50% original facility/capacity or the designated COVID capacity, whichever is greater. Large group events in outdoor facilities with fixed seating/bleachers will be allowed 75% original facility capacity. There is no capacity limit for outdoor gatherings on green spaces.

Events that have already received approval from CRT may update their numbers based on these guidelines without formally amending their plans. Organizers and participants are still encouraged to follow CDC and South Dakota Department of Health guidance when participating in events and are required to follow other applicable university COVID-19 approved protocols.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, room capacities across campus will be very different than normal. Many spaces have been altered to accommodate social distancing guidelines and adhere to the guidance of the CDC and the SD Department of Health. Please inquire with facility managers to ensure your event or space needs can be met. Academics remains our goal during this time and spaces have been converted to classroom space or may have academic functions happening in them late into the evening. 

As on campus activities increase throughout the spring semester select spaces on campus will see updates to room capacities. Spaces converted to classroom spaces previously functioned under the classroom capacities for events. There are now stationary and interactive capacities for those spaces. 

Interactive Events: An interactive event occurs when participants do not have a designated “space” to occupy, movement around the event facility is unrestricted or has minimal restrictions and high levels of interaction with others is a core component of the event. Examples of interactive events includes but is not limited to receptions, banquets, dances, social programs, open houses, fairs (career, academic, club, community, etc.), tailgating, parades and the like.

Stationary Events: A stationary event occurs when participants, upon entry into the event facility, go to a seat or space where they remain for the duration of the event. Upon event conclusion, participants exit the facility. This type of event most closely mirrors the traditional academic classroom setting. Examples of stationary events includes but is not limited to a lecture, a panel presentation, a pinning/hooding ceremony, convocation, concert, a theater production, an athletic competition, etc.

Pandemic room capacities provide maximum limits for spaces on campus and do not supersede any event capacity limitations set by the COVID Response Team and JacksRBack. They are subject to applicable restrictions due to COVID-19 safety color changes or other restrictions related to state and local pandemic response. 

Outdoor Spaces: 

LocationNotes/DirectionsInteractive Capacity 
Jackrabbit Village PlazaNorth of Spencer Hall 119 
Jackrabbit Village Plaza Between Abbott and Spencer


Sylvan Theatre 38 
Sylvan Green  82 
Binnewies South Green 98 
Caldwell East Green96 
Caldwell Canopy South Green 134 
Honors Plaza  47 
College GreenEast of the Art Museum 121 
Campanile Green Adjacent to Campanile for queuing lines83 
Campanile Interior 13 
Jackrabbit Green North of Hobo Statues 136 

University Student Union Spaces: 

Room NameNumberStationary


Jacks' Place (Stage and Dining) 

Jacks' Place (Stage)0506 

Jacks' Place (Dining)

Walder Room065179
Deerfield Room 065F6N/A
Volstorff Ballroom East 101B11049
Volstorff Ballroom West 101 A7038
Black Hills Room 150S4N/A
Cottonwood Room 264N/A

McCrory Gardens Education and Visitor Center 

Room Number Stationary
Great Hall  8327
Classroom  217

Other Event Spaces: 

Room Number Stationary
Club 7132124779
Larson Memorial Concert Hall 102250


Oscar Larson Theatre 210N/A
Founders Recital Hall  32N/A

Classroom Spaces:


Codes found here. 

RoomSocial Distancing Capacity
Yeager Hall 208
Yeager Hall 210
Wagner Hall 128 
Agricultural Engineering 10032
Alfred Dairy Science Hall 10030 
Alfred Dairy Science Hall 15111
Animal Science Complex 12678
Avera Health and Sciences Center 04135
Avera Health and Sciences Center 04335
Bailey Rotunda A47
Bailey Rotunda B16
Bailey Rotunda C15
Bailey Rotunda D72
Bailey Rotunda E15
Bailey Rotunda 15
Bailey Rotunda G47 
Berg Agricultural Hall 100A20 
Berg Agricultural Hall 100B13
Crothers Engineering Hall 20442
Daktronics Engineering Annex 37015
Daktronics Engineering Hall 11215
Daktronics Engineering Hall 11815
Daktronics Engineering Hall 124
Daktronics Engineering Hall 218 15 
McFadden Biostress 10334
SD Art Museum 10426
Wagner Hall 20833
Agricultural Engineering 12214
Agricultural Engineering20324
Agricultural Engineering 20812 
Agricultural Engineering 21615
American Indian Student Center 10031
Animal Science Complex 12921
Architecture Math and Engineering 21020 
Avera Health and Sciences Center 02714 
Avera Health and Sciences Center 28022
Avera Health and Sciences Center 282 22
Avera Health and Sciences Center  380 16
Avera Health and Sciences Center 382 14
Berg Agricultural Hall 139 15 
Crothers Engineering Hall 209 24 
Crothers Engineering Hall 21514 
Crothers Engineering Hall 21714
Crothers Engineering Hall 22323
Crothers Engineering Hall 30710
Crothers Engineering Hall 33412 
Crothers Engineering Hall 35124
DePuy Military Hall 10111
DePuy Military Hall 11316 
Grove Hall 115 12 
Honors Hall 11819
Lincoln Hall 102 20 
Lincoln Hall 10820
Lincoln Hall 110 17 
McFadden Biostress 02819 
McFadden Biostress10215
McFadden Biostress11915
McFadden Biostress12215
McFadden Biostress12215
McFadden Biostress18415
Solberg Hall 00815
Solberg Hall 10218 
Solberg Hall 00916
Solberg Hall 21516
Stanley J. Marshall HPER Center 10425
Stanley J. Marshall HPER Center 120 12
The Barn 12230
The Barn 12313
The Barn 12713
Wagner Hall 11433
Wagner Hall 12516
Wagner Hall 157 11
Wanger Hall 45324
Wecota Hall 00412
Wenona Hall 20811
Wintrode Student Success Center 11816
Yeager Hall 206
Yeager Hall 212 8
Yeager Hall 23115
Architecture, Math and Engineering 21414
Architecture, Math and Engineering 22010
Daktronics Engineering Annex 26012
Harding Hall 02534
McFadden Biostress 06726
Lincoln Hall 10133
Pugsley Continuing Education Center 11714
The Barn 11817
Wecota Hall 02612
Yeager Hall 22920