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Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Reacceleration – Implementing Transition to and Function in Reacceleration Phase June 1, 2020

May 23, 2020

Responsibilities, culture and values related to COVID-19 public health safety

Each of South Dakota State University’s (SDSU’s) employees, students and volunteers at any and all locations share responsibility for the public health safety of others and for themselves. This responsibility extends from within the SDSU community itself to those in the community external to SDSU. Supervisors (of employees, students and volunteers) at every level are particularly responsible to a) understand the risks to supervisees to the extent permitted by good HR practice, and b) to prepare supervisees to control the risks. The SDSU community also leads the way in extending the public health safety principles applied within SDSU to people outside of SDSU. 

Our value of being people-centered is reinforced by conscientiously applying safety measures fore oneself and for others creates a culture of responsible safety. 


Locations and spaces where SDSU research, scholarship and creative activity (RSCA) are conducted. These may be on main campus, off campus at other university locations or non-university locations. Also included are locations and spaces of activities that may not be RSCA in the strict sense, including core facilities, vivarium, SDSU Extension, South Dakota Agricultural Experimentation, Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (diagnostic services are not covered by this protocol) and possibly other services. “RSCA” or “research” will refer to activities in these spaces throughout this document. 


To implement the “Reacceleration Phase” in the SDSU Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Reacceleration Framework (the “Framework”)

Researcher working with student in lab

Implementation process for reaccelerating SDSU RSCA

  1. Overview of roles and responsibilities
    1. Faculty or staff directing RSCA activities: First line of responsibility for research teams’ safety, preparation and progress; responsible for developing and implement plans for safe RSCA progress.
    2. Department heads and equivalent unit supervisors: As supervisors of RSCA, directors ensure that RSCA activity plans are effective and safe, and assure coordination between groups as needed for common spaces or spaces that are not under responsibility of other staff. 
    3. Deans or associate deans: Ensure and assist with departmental plans and implementation.
    4. Vice-president for research and economic development: monitor and oversee revisions to safety levels for RSCA and related safety guidance, ensure accountability.
  2. Detailed responsibilities
    1. Faculty member or staff with responsibility for activity, project or RSCA related space
      1. Complete one SDSU RSCA Reacceleration Planning Template to implement the safety practices in the Framework, and submit to supervisor. This is to serve as an initial plan; we do not anticipate asking for revised plans as the research work unfolds and the lab makes changes in staffing patterns. But, one should always be prepared to have to return to remote only conditions. 
    2. Department Head (or equivalent)
      1. Review SDSU RSCA Reacceleration Planning Template to assist faculty and staff and to ensure consistency with the Framework and SDSU’s guidelines. Provide supervisory oversight to subsequent changes in faculty and staff plans. 
      2. Develop plans as directed by supervisor for common spaces utilized by but not under responsibility of any one faculty or staff member. Consult and coordinate with other departments and with Facilities and Services as needed.
    3. Dean (or designee, such as Associate Dean)
      1. Provide supervisory and administrative assistance, guidance and oversight, and ensure linkages to the appropriate vice-president as needed or as guided. 
      2. Submit to consolidated revised personnel lists for building access to the vice-president for research and economic development or other senior administrator if directed.
    4. Vice-president for research and economic development
      1. Provide implementation guidance and oversight to deans and associate deans on RSCA reacceleration plans.
      2. Ensure access to facilities for personnel on consolidated revised personnel lists
      3. Assure that RSCA reacceleration activities are adjusted to remain in step with institutional changes in response to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic conditions