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Process for Checking out a Motor Pool Vehicle

Transportation Services employees are working in-office and will distribute vehicle keys from the east window. Please have your driver’s license handy when picking up keys.

We are asking that you complete the following procedures in order to check out a motor pool vehicle.

  • All travel requests must be preapproved by the department head and college dean or associate dean. This approval must be in writing (email will suffice) and provided to the Transportation Services office before vehicle reservation.
  • Once the travel request has been approved, Transportation Services staff will proceed with scheduling the vehicle. Please include name of driver, duration/dates of travel, destination, phone number and index code when submitting vehicle requests. Please note that occupancy in the vehicle cannot exceed 50% total ridership based on the number of seats in a vehicle:
    • Passenger vehicle (including compact cars, SUVs, etc.) — i.e., if 5 seats, occupancy cannot exceed 2 people.
    • Passenger van and high-capacity trucks — i.e., if 10 seats, occupancy cannot exceed 5 people.
    • Shuttle bus — i.e., if 16 seats, occupancy cannot exceed 8 people.
  • To allow sufficient time to clean and disinfect vehicles prior to departure, we ask that you provide at least 48 hours’ notice prior to date of departure.
  • If the vehicle is checked out for longer than two weeks, Transportation Services will contact the driver via email requesting a current mileage reading. This will occur every two weeks until the vehicle is no longer needed and can be returned to Motor Pool. Transportation Services staff will then report mileage to Fleet and Travel.
  • Upon return of the vehicle, keys can continue to be dropped into the yellow drop box located at the Motor Pool Complex.

If additional Pool vehicles are required due to the university COVID-19 travel guidelines limiting vehicle capacity, this is considered an extra expense incurred due to COVID. In this situation, please notify Transportation Services at the time of vehicle reservation so that the expense can be properly coded for tracking purposes.