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Preparing for Face-to-Face, Online and Hybrid Learning

Be Prepared for Face-to-Face, Online and Hybrid Learning

Course Offerings Defined

Face-to-Face: Courses that occur 100% face-to-face in the physical classroom.

Online: Courses which will be taught in either a synchronous (real time) or an asynchronous (no real-time interaction) manner via the internet.

Hybrid: Courses which include both face-to-face and online/remote learning elements.

Be Successful in Your Face-to-Face, Online and Hybrid Course

Your success is key to our success. We have outlined some best practices as you prepare for and navigate the fall semester.

Physical Classroom

For your face-to-face courses you will attend class in the physical classroom. You can find classroom information by viewing your fall class schedule. Go to your MyState Dashboard and select Registration Self Service portal. Select the Registration Information link and then select Fall 2020 from the Term drop down. Your schedule is available as both a list and a calendar view. Select the Course Title and view Instructor/Meeting Times for details.

Virtual Classroom

For your online courses, D2L serves as SDSU’s virtual classroom where you will find course content, participate in discussions, submit course assignments and take exams. To understand the tools available in D2L and how to use them, review the D2L Tutorials.

Hybrid Format

For your hybrid courses you will find yourself in both the physical and virtual classrooms throughout the semester. Check your course syllabus or with your professor for when you need to be in the physical classroom throughout the semester and when you will be participating remotely via Zoom or D2L

Jack the Jackrabbit

Jack’s Pro Tip:

When you are not in the physical classroom, it is important to establish a study space, preferably a space free from distraction.


  • Do you have a laptop or tablet for the fall? If not, we are strongly recommending you have one to be successful this year due to the increased use of D2L and technology for all classes in all formats. If you are unable to purchase a laptop or tablet, we can help. Please complete this technology request form and we will work with you to make sure you have what you need for the fall. You can also work with Hobotech in the University Bookstore to learn what you might need for your academic program and purchase through Hobotech
  • Purchase textbooks and supplies. *Note: some courses use First Day Access, which automatically charges students for electronic resources needed for the course. Students can see this charge on their bill. Visit the Jackrabbit Central website.
  • Review the course syllabus for each course carefully the first day of class and review often.
  • Look ahead and be aware of upcoming due dates and exams.
  • Be aware of important dates for Fall 2020; check out the academic calendar.
Jack the Jackrabbit

Jack’s Pro Tip:

Purchase a planner, look for patterns in due dates throughout the semester, and plan your daily schedule.


  • Whether in the physical or virtual classroom, communication is important to your success. 
  • Stay in contact with your professor. If you have a question, be sure to speak up and ask as soon as possible. Professors will provide their contact information and how to best reach them via the course syllabus and D2L.
  • Stay in contact with your classmates. 
  • Stay in contact with your success network, which may include your academic advisor, student success advisor and residence hall director.
Jack the Jackrabbit

Jack’s Pro Tip:

Gather contact information from at least two students in each of your classes.  This is convenient for when questions come up on an assignment and a great way to make friends.

Student Success Resources

Take advantage of these additional student success resources throughout the semester.

Academic Support Services

Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center

Virtual Front Desk

Do you need help connecting with academic supports at SDState? Do you have a question about tutoring, SI or other Wintrode Center programs? Would you like to visit with an academic advisor during drop-in hours? Check out The Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center Virtual Front Desk. Through the Virtual Front Desk, our front line staff will answer your questions or connect you with Wintrode Center resources or provide you with information about other campus resources.

First Year Advising Center

Everybody needs a go-to person in their first semester of college, and your First Year Advisor can be yours! Your advisor will assist you with the transition to college and help you build a strong academic foundation. Contact your advisor for help with academic success planning, course registration, getting involved on campus and connecting with campus resources. Use the Virtual Front Desk to connect with an academic advisor or follow these instructions to schedule an advising appointment through ConnectState. Visit our First Year Advising Center website for additional information.

Help with Success in Your Courses

Early Alert

Want to get to know your instructor, advisor, and others in your support network a bit better? SDState’s Early Alert Program can help you do just that! Through early alert, your instructors will use the ConnectState platform to communicate with you about your course progress. You will receive an email identifying the reason for the notification, and your advisor, Residence Hall Director, and others will offer support. What should you do if you receive a notification? Contact your advisor or instructor, schedule tutoring and take steps to improve your study habits. We can help you make small changes that have a big impact!

Learning Strategies for College Courses

Student Success Advising

Need some tips for time management or effective learning strategies or help with creating a success plan for the fall semester? Our Success Advisors can help! Contact the Wintrode Center Virtual Front Desk to schedule a one-on-one meeting with one of our success advisors.

Study Hub

Visit our Study Hub webpage to get tips for success in college and a list of academic supports available to you this fall. Study Hub Learning Strategies include handouts and activities to help you develop skills you will need to be successful in your college courses. This page also provides a list of free tutoring and SI supports available to SDSU students in various courses. Study Hub information is updated each semester. Visit our Study Hub webpage frequently and add to your student success toolkit!

Tutoring Services

Wintrode Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program

Want to increase your understanding of course material and improve your grades? Check out the Wintrode Tutoring and SI program offered through the Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center!

Wintrode Tutoring

The Wintrode Tutoring Program provides small-group tutoring for students enrolled in select courses. Tutors will facilitate tutoring sessions through Zoom video meetings and you will receive a link to your tutoring session in your appointment confirmation email. View our Wintrode Tutoring Program webpage for a list of courses supported by the Wintrode Tutoring Program and use these step-by-step instructions to schedule an appointment in advance through ConnectState.

Supplemental Instruction

SI is a series of weekly review sessions for students enrolled in SI-supported courses. SI Leaders, students who have taken the course before and performed well, will host SI sessions as Zoom virtual meetings during the fall semester. Visit our webpage for a list of SI-supported courses. More information, including Zoom links, will be announced in class and posted on Study Hub at the start of the fall semester. Visit our SI website for additional information.

Study Stop

Need to drop in for some additional tutoring support? Study Stop provides drop-in tutoring in high-demand courses. Study Stop tutoring will be conducted through Zoom video meetings hosted by Wintrode Tutors and SI Leaders. Study Stop is available Sundays – Thursdays from 7 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. More information, including Zoom links, will be announced in class and posted on Study Hub at the start of the fall semester. 

Math Help Center

The Math Help Center provides free math help for MATH 101, 103, 114, 115, 121, 123 and 125 without an appointment. Our qualified tutors can help you with your homework or help you review for a test. In fall 2020, we will have some in-person tutoring in AME 292 (which will have limited capacity) and also some online hours on Zoom. See the Math Help Center website for up-to-date details.

Writing Center

The SDSU Writing Center will be offering online appointments this fall. Students can schedule appointments using ConnectState, and the appointments will be conducted using Zoom (or an alternative means if needed). Please visit our SDSU Writing Center website for more information about scheduling appointments and taking part in the tutoring sessions.

Smarthinking Online Tutoring Platform

Take advantage of the online tutoring platform, Smarthinking. Access is available through your D2L course shell under “Resources” and tutoring is available for a wide variety of subjects.

Orientation Resources Website Screen Grab
Additional Tutoring Supports

Check out Study Hub during the first couple of weeks of class for information about additional tutoring supports.

Jack the Jackrabbit

Jack’s Pro Tip:

Seek out tutoring and academic support services early.

Additional Academic Supports


The H.M. Briggs Libraryprovides electronic resources which are accessible off-campus 24/7. If prompted, log-in with your university username and password.

Librarians are available for research and reference assistance, as well as to help with log-in problems. Online chat with librarians is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Library e-mail and telephone messages left at 605-688-5107 are checked regularly checked.

The Library’s Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service is filling and processing article requests electronically. Given restrictions by lending libraries, physical loans might not be possible at this time.


Be aware of requirements for quizzes and/or exams outlined in the course syllabus. It is possible an in-person proctor, digital proctoring through Respondus Monitor or use of Lockdown Browser may be required. Make the necessary arrangements or download appropriate software applications well in advance of your first quiz/exam. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your professor. 

Testing Center

The Testing Center coordinates several areas of assessment and provides testing services to the University students and community. This includes placement exams, accommodated and online proctored exams. For more information and testing options for Fall 2020, please visit the Testing Center website.  

Student Support Services

Career Development

The Office of Career Development assists students exploring career options and job possibilities to employers posting jobs and conducting on-campus interviews, we provide help both online and in person. For a full list of services, please visit the Office of Career Development website.

Disability Services

South Dakota State University strives to ensure that physical resources, as well as information and communication technologies, are reasonably accessible to users in order to provide equal access to all. If you encounter any accessibility issues, you are encouraged to immediately contact the instructor of the course and the Office of Disability Services (Phone: 605-688-4504; Fax: 605-688-4987; E-mail: Nancy Crooks or SDSU Disability Services; Address: Room 271, Box 2815, University Student Union, Brookings South Dakota 57007). For more information, please visit the Disability Services website.

Student Handbook

The South Dakota State University Student Handbook includes information about campus resources, university history, safety information, student rights and responsibilities, student grievance procedures and more. The Student Handbook lists general and contact information for key services including disability services, health and wellness services, student activities, etc.

Student Activities

There are many ways to get involved outside of the classroom at SDSU. For information, please visit the Student Activities website.

Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services

The Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services located in the Wellness Center at SDSU specializes in college health. They offer high-quality primary care services. For a full list of services, please visit our website.

Support Desk

If you are having technology issues, contact the SDSU Support Desk for help.

Jack the Jackrabbit

Jack’s Pro Tip:

Check out the comprehensive list of SDSU Academic and Student Support Services.