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Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center JacksRBack Plan

Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center

JacksRBack Plan
COVID-19 Response Plan

Operational Overview

The Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center (OLPAC) hosts concerts and events in the Larson Memorial Concert Hall and Founders Recital Hall, theater productions and events in the Fishback Studio Theatre, banquet and programs in several lobbies and theatrical performances in the Oscar Larson Theatre. The OLPAC will be adhering to the general guidelines for safe operation in a pandemic environment. These guidelines align with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the South Dakota Department of Health (SDDOH). Key concepts to mitigate against the spread of COVID-19, which will be observed in the OLPAC, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Social distancing of not less than 6 feet;
  • Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizers;
  • Proper cough and sneeze etiquette; and
  • Self-monitoring for common COVID-19 symptoms.

Individuals are required to follow the current University and SDBOR face covering protocols. Exceptions to face covering protocols are when a person is engaged in activities that make wearing a face covering impractical such as playing an instrument, performing in a theatre production, ASL signing, eating and/or drinking. Persons experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not enter the OLPAC. Signage indicating these guidelines will be posted throughout the OLPAC and referenced in the plan.

This plan is grounded in the SDSU Guiding Principles for Return to Campus and SDSU COVID-19 Protocols.

Core Functions

  • Office Human Resource
  • Management
  • Communications
  • Performances and Events
  • Academics

Office Human Resource Plan

Office spaces will include:

  • Plexiglas installations for barriers at reception areas;
  • Staff will conduct most meetings using Zoom and minimize office contact as much as possible;
  • Staff are directed to not congregate in the reception areas;
  • Staff will have conference rooms available for person-to-person meetings that are needed to allow for social distancing;
  • Disposable face coverings will be available at each reception area to support the face coverings protocols;
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be distributed throughout the facility;
  • One person at a time allowed in the copy/work room; and
  • Signage indicating the capacity of each office.


  • Occupancy restrictions will be posted on all applicable spaces and offices within the Center.
  • Common seating throughout the Center will reflect social distancing guidelines and be designed to reduce congestion at entrances.
  • A row of stanchions will divide the hallways throughout the Center with directional signage and arrows directing people to keep to their right and maintain 6 – foot spacing.
  • Staff will adjust to paperless functions whenever possible to reduce the spread of germs.
  • OLPAC will increase physical space between employees, students and patrons by marking floors to guide space at least 6 feet apart; reducing the amount of furniture in each space throughout the Center; and installing Plexiglas shields on main office reception areas.
  • At least once a day, staff members are expected to clean and disinfect surfaces within their individual workspaces.
  • Staff are encouraged to take hand-washing breaks between every meeting and event. If handwashing is not an option, hand sanitizer will be available.
  • SDSU Facilities and Custodial Services will clean common areas of the OLPAC and School of Performing Arts (SoPA) paying special attention to surfaces frequently touched by multiple people.
  • Notice will be posted in and by elevators encouraging the use of stairs. Elevators will be limited to one-person occupancy.
  • Signage will be posted directing people to walk on the right side of the stairwell to limit encounters with other parties moving up or down the stairwell.
  • Public water fountains outside restrooms will remain wrapped in plastic.

Communications Plan

  • Entrance signage for in/out protocols at all Center entrances, including:
    • symptom signage before entering;
    • hand washing;
    • face covering guidance;
    • maintaining social distancing; and
    • wayfinding/one-way traffic.
  • Floor traffic signage to direct traffic in the hallways of the Center.
  • An OLPAC video highlighting what is expected and new changes for the Fall Semester 2020 is available on the JacksRBack website.
  • Restroom signage to indicate capacity;
    • to avoid crowding;
    • promote social distancing; and
    • encourage proper hygiene.
  • Signage for employees, students and guests that indicate:
    • Maximum occupancy for shared spaces in the entire Center;
    • Social distancing floor signage for lines to the restrooms and box office; and
    • Proper etiquette for guests in office suites.
  • Social Media: Events with social distancing guidelines.
  • Online Ticket sales with social distancing guidelines.
  • Communication to employees and students with social distancing guidelines.

Concerts, Performances and Events Plan

  • The OLPAC will follow the approved SDSU JacksRBack event protocols.
  • All performance spaces (Larson Memorial Concert Hall, Founders Recital Hall and the Oscar Larson Theatre) will reset capacities to adhere to CDC guidelines.
  • Concerts, Theatricals and Events will be livestreamed and captioned meeting SDSU ADA standards when requested.
  • The Fishback Studio Theatre has been converted to a classroom and will not be used as a performance space during the 2020 Fall Semester.
  • The OLPAC lobbies that are often used for events and pre/post function activities will not be available during the 2020 Fall Semester.
  • Lobby furniture has been reset to accommodate social distancing.
  • Concerts and Performances will not have intermissions to reduce large gatherings and patron traffic in the lobbies and restrooms. If necessary, a performance or concert will have a short pause for the performers.
  • Coat check will be closed.
  • Social distancing seating will be followed in each performance space. Row seating will be 6 feet between rows with one row remaining vacant between occupied rows.
  • Patrons entering and exiting performance spaces will be expected to adhere to social distancing; adequate staff will be in place to direct patrons.
  • Many Performances and/or Concerts will be non-ticketed events and will only allow access to invited audiences under approved event protocols.
  • For ticketed events; advance sales will be available through the internet and in-person sales will be available at the box office two weeks prior to the event. Patrons must use the print-at-home option for their admission ticket when purchased through the internet. There will be no Will Call window at the event.
  • There will be no same-day sales at the event. All tickets must be purchased in advance of the event.
  • For ticketed events with advance in-person sales the Box office will have protective barriers in ticket windows when open to the public.
  • Protective barriers will be installed between box office workstations.
  • Patrons will be encouraged to use cash-free payments – cards preferred.
  • Ushers will adopt touchless ticket scanning or viewing.
  • Tables will be used to distribute programs if electronic or online programs are not available for the event.

School of Performing Arts Academic Plan

  • All room capacities will be reset to adhere to CDC guidelines. Many of the SoPA classes that would have been taught in smaller classrooms will now be taught in larger spaces.
  • The Multi-purpose Rooms 193 and 195 have been converted to classrooms.
  • The Fishback Studio Theatre has been converted to a classroom and will not be used as a performance space during the 2020 Fall Semester.
  • The Larson Memorial Concert Hall has been converted to a classroom for non-music classes Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. during the 2020 Fall Semester.
  • Furniture has been reduced to create appropriate social distancing.
  • Lockers will be distributed through the hallways to avoid groups of students using the locker room at the same time.
  • High-touch locations will be minimized. Doors normally closed during classes or rehearsals will be left open during hours of operation.
  • Students in class piano will have electronic keyboards and headphones checked out to them for the entire semester for use in their rooms.
  • Each student will be assigned their own music stand to use in all rehearsals, lessons and practice sessions for the entire semester.
  • Practice rooms will be assigned by 30-minute intervals, with 30 minutes of “rest” between each use.  All keyboards will have disinfectant spray and wipes stationed in each room.
  • Applied music lessons will typically take place in larger rooms rather than faculty studios.
  • Ensemble activities including 10 or more individuals will, when feasible, take place outdoors. If it is not possible to practice outdoors, the activity will be socially distance by 9 feet according to the Maryland Performing Arts study.
  • Musicians performing on brass instruments will be required to use nylon coverings over the bells of their instruments when in use.
  • Clear partitions have been built for use during theatrical rehearsals, music classes and lessons.
  • Protocols are in place for operating guidelines in the scene shop. Disinfectant spray and wipes will be stationed in the shop.
  • Protocols are in place for operating guidelines in the costume shop. Disinfectant spray and wipes will be stationed in the shop.
  • Protocols are in place for operating guidelines for backstage and green rooms. Disinfectant spray and wipes will be stationed backstage.
  • Performance activities including 10 or more individuals will, when feasible, take place outdoors.

Protocols and Guidelines