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McCrory Gardens Reopening Plan

McCrory Gardens JacksRBack Plan

This plan is grounded in the SDSU Guiding Principles for Return to Campus and SDSU COVID-19 Protocols.

SDSU Phase Red: High Risk for Everyone, Potential Community Considerations-- increasing statewide running average for the rate of hospital admissions and/or potential for overwhelmed health system or designated by state government leaders of President of the University.

  1. Staffing for Garden Visitors.
    1. Only Essential staff will report to work locations
      1. Gardens will be closed to the public until further notice.
      2. Essential staff are required to follow the current University and SDBOR face covering protocols.
      3. The following items will be provided for the employees during their shift.
        1. Sanitizing wipes
        2. Disinfectant Cleaner and rags
        3. Standing hand sanitizer dispenser
  2. Hours of Operation for Public Garden and Event Center Admission
    1. Hours: Closed to the public
    2. All venue rentals canceled until further notice.
    3. All McCrory hosted in-person classes and events canceled until further notice.
      1. Virtual activities may continue.
  3. Communications
    1. Forward the store phone to the Director
    2. Update website to notify patrons of closure.
    3. Work with EMT to notify campus community of closure through appropriate channels.
  4. Operations
    1. Gardens
      1. Only essential garden maintenance required to sustain existing planting or propagate new planting will be deemed essential.
    2. Visitor Center
      1. Essential communications with clients and patrons will be done remotely.
      2. Coordinate with shared services for deposits and financial reports.
      3. Removal of “OPEN” signage; replaced with “Closed to the Public” signage.
      4. Voice message updated to communicate closure.

SDSU Phase Orange: Moderate Risk for Everyone but High Risk Individuals—running average for the statewide rate of hospital admissions does not increase over a 14-day period, local hospital is safely able to treat all patients state is able to test all people with COVID-19 symptoms, state is able to conduct active monitoring of confirmed cases and their contacts or designated by the state government leaders of the President of the University.

  1. Staffing for Garden Visitors.
    1. Staff will split time between being on site and working remotely. Horticulture staff working in gardens or grounds will have means to create a six-foot barrier between work areas and visitors during public visitation hours.
    2. Individuals are required to follow the current University and SDBOR face covering protocols.
    3. Welcome Desk – checking in patrons, gift shop sales, answering phone, processing memberships, processing volunteer forms.
    4. Facility Attendant – this person will be cleaning restroom and touchpoints; managing the Point of Sale, answering phone, aiding garden visitors; would work Wednesday - Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. alongside FT McCrory staff
  2. Hours of Operation for Public Garden Admission
    1. Hours:
      1. Wednesday - Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
        1. The last admission for the day is at 5:30 p.m. Via the programming capabilities through Card Services office, the front doors will lock at 5:30 p.m. All visitors are to be out of the formal gardens by 6pm.
        2. Closing Mondays and Tuesdays allows time for SDSU FACILITIES PERSONNEL to deep clean multi-touch surfaces: door handles, water fountains and bathrooms
  3. Entrance Procedures
    1. Encourage use of handicap door openers
    2. Standing signage and stanchions will guide visitors into the EVC, to the welcome desk and out to the Gardens
    3. Cueing will take place outdoors when more than three are waiting to make their admission transaction and have their contact tracing information gathered. (This could be three individuals, three couples, three household units; can have no more than 20 waiting)
    4. Plexiglas barrier are at Welcome Desk
      1. Cleaning cloths, isopropyl alcohol at desk to clean Point of Sale and Credit Card Reader, especially if a shift-change of cashier takes place or an exchange of currency/credit card; use on phone and ATM as well (all provided by SDSU FACILITIES AND SERVICES)
      2. If a visitor needs a pen, they will be able to take the McCrory pen they use with them
      3. McCrory/SDSU personnel are required to follow the current University and SDBOR face covering protocols while assisting patrons inside the Education and Visitor Center.
      4. We will accept cash, hobo dough, checks and credit cards
        1. With hand sanitizer and hand washing sink close by, feeling confident the processes can be safely managed.
    5. Reference sheet from CDC with risks or feeling of illness will be posted at the desk and in restroom
    6. Hand sanitizer station will be provided at welcome desk.
    7. Stickers will be placed on floor as well as on vertical sign holders to remind people of the 6-foot social distancing. MCCRORY HAS STANCHIONS TO USE to distinguish traffic path.
    8. Use of COVID-19 Waiver/Release. From page 1 of 26 in the document shared by the Office of General Counsel, “generally not practicable to have the general public to sign off before entering the premises."
      1. If agreeable, the McCrory team would like to post a notice (created by UMC or SDSU Facilities) stating the assumption of risk that garden patrons are making by voluntarily choosing to visit.
  4. Signage
    1. Utilize SDSU Communications/JacksRBack team to make certain we have the correct branding and streamlined appearance of all signage
    2. Lettering added to glass doors, noting where to ENTER and where to EXIT the Education and Visitor Center, to and from the Gardens.
    3. CDC signage – ie: promote preventative actions
      1. (CDC website)
    4. Approved SDSU sign displays utilized for signage at the main entrance/driveway, along the drive, at the front door
  5. Specific Areas
    1. Water Fountains – Facilities will cover the east fountain (not to be used); the bottle filler fountain will remain accessible; sanitized after use
    2. Vestibule – remove all materials such as rack cards, travel guides, pens
      1. Inner vestibule doors will be locked in “open” position via door mechanism
    3. Welcome desk – see above in “Entrance Procedures”
      1. On each receipt, the patron’s name and phone number will be recorded in case of needing to contact them post their visit (we would not normally keep/record this data); information transferred to the daily admissions sheet which is stored in BOX
    4. LOBBY CAPACITY 20; all furniture removed
      1. Lobby NOT used for any function other than entering/exiting of patrons
    5. Classroom space will be locked unless a venue rental client is approved for its use to meet.
    6. Great Hall space will be locked unless a venue rental client is approved for its use to meet.
    7. Restrooms (CDC website)
      1. Family Restroom, Men’s Restroom and Women’s Restroom will all be available for use – interior door will be propped open for hands-free access to the family restroom
      2. Cleaned and disinfected regularly, particularly high-touch surfaces such as faucets, toilets, doorknobs and light switches. Clean and disinfect restrooms daily or more often if possible. Ensure safe and correct application of disinfectants and keep products away from children.
      3. Regularly stocked with supplies for handwashing, including soap and materials for drying hands or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
        1. Will receive hand sanitizer and disinfectant from Facilities
        2. Free-standing/touchless hand sanitizer station located immediately beyond the Point of Sale; ready to use directly after admission fee transaction is over
    8. Foyer area - Remove all tables, chairs and benches. (if we discover that a guest has an urgent need to sit in order to rest, a classroom chair can be made available; cleanable surface)
    9. Gift shop items – stanchion off the gift shop and office suite area
      1. Items still on display; if visitor would like to make a purchase, McCrory staff will bring the item(s) to the welcome desk to proceed with the sale
    10. TV/publication center – remove all publications; have a copy at the Welcome Desk to be shared with visitors upon request
    11. Office suite – deemed to be an area that could be used as-is; ample space for proper distancing between employees; rental client meetings held in classroom or outdoors
    12. Outdoor furniture: chairs will be removed from the Veranda and Terrace; tables will remain (no umbrellas installed);
    13. Outdoor drinking fountain will be turned off and covered by McCrory staff.
    14. Outdoor water features will not be running at this time.
    15. The Straw Bale house will remain closed to the public. 
  6. EXIT Procedures
    1. Exit the gardens back through the Education and Visitor Center
      1. For the safety of employees, we need to be able to monitor who is leaving the Gardens; any other exit would leave question as to the whereabouts of visitors
      2. Pending the ability to bring on a Facility Attendant, there may be an occasion that only one person is in the EVC (if no attendant, then only one McCrory staffer working)
      3. The west door to the EVC will remain locked (for reasons stated above; guests can exit the BUILDING, but cannot get back in that door; signage needed)
    2. Encourage use of handicap door openers
    3. Standing signage and stanchions will guide visitors into the EVC, out to the Parking lot;
    4. Discourage any gathering in the EVC; without any furniture available, this should be fairly simple
    5. Clean and sanitize touchpoints
    1. Third Thursday classes – remain virtually presented
    2. Until further notice, no additional in-person camps, classes or fairs will be held. (an example: Insect Festival.)
    1. All events (SDSU sponsored, non-SDSU sponsored) will follow, at a minimum, the protocols outlined in the JacksRBack Event Protocols document.
      1. NON-SDSU venue rental clients will need to an approved event plan by the COVID-19 Response Team regardless of event attendee count.
      2. The goal will be to submit this request for rental into the AVP of Finance and Business, a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the event.
    2. Indoor facility pandemic capacity will be posted onsite.
      1. Classroom/Meeting Room: 16 maximum (could be lesser, pending layout of furniture; social distancing is not obtainable with any greater number)
      2. Great Hall: 60 maximum (could be lesser, pending layout of furniture)
      3. Lobby: 0 persons
      4. Must include McCrory and Aramark staff in the capacity count for the specific event.
      5. McCory staff will adjust furnishings to align with CDC guidelines.
        1. Seating layouts will need approval.
    3. Cleaning protocols.
      1. Venue sales and services coordinator will coordinate with SDSU FACILITIES & SERVICES to address all custodial needs during and following event.
    4. Liability waivers.
      1. Required for all venue rental clients and their guests. (“Rental” includes all activity where an agreement for the use of this space has been formally arranged through the use of a Facility Use Agreement; at times, this could mean no fee is collected)
      2. Appendix M – the event participant COVID-19 Acknowledgement, Release/Waiver of Liability; Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement
        1. It will be the responsibility of the venue rental client to obtain a completed waiver for each event participant.
        2. McCrory Gardens venue sales and services coordinator will make the waivers available to the venue rental client in advance of the event through the use of DocuSign and/or e-mail.
        3. The venue rental client will present the venue sales and services coordinator with a confirmed list of event attendees along with a corresponding completed waiver FOR EACH PARTICIPANT. This includes the facilitator and the presenter, as applicable.
          1. The venue rental client will give the signed waivers to the venue sales and services coordinator immediately after the conclusion of the event.
          2. The waivers will be held for one (1) month beyond the date of the event completion.
        4. For events that occur in a block of days, one waiver per participant will suffice for the duration of that particular occasion. However, a daily recording of participants present will be required.
        5. The venue rental client is the responsible party for keeping the participant registration for contact tracing purposes and communication.
          1. The venue rental client will give participant registration information to venue sales and services coordinator immediately after the conclusion of the event.
        6. In the case of a COVID-19 related occurrence being reported, the venue rental client is responsible for informing the venue sales and services coordinator, in addition to the event participants.
          1. The Director of Operations will then be notified.
          2. The Director of Operations will notify her/his supervisor, as well as the team members of McCrory Gardens (both the venue staff and the garden staff).

SDSU Phase Yellow:  Low Risk for Everyone but High Risk Individuals -Potential Community Considerations - running average for the statewide rate of hospital admissions consistently decreases over a 14-day period, local hospital and healthcare capacity is sufficient to meet demands, state is able to test all individuals with COVID-19 symptoms and has expanded to special population testing, state is able to conduct active monitoring of confirmed cases and contact tracing, state is gradually easing physical distancing restrictions to allow for monitoring at each step OR designated by state government leaders or President of University

  1. The same protocols, procedures and guidelines will be followed that are defined in the SDSU Phase Orange above.

Until safety level GREEN is determined, mobility assistance devices will not be available: wheelchair, 4 person golf cart, 6 person golf cart. No group tours provided at this time.