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McCrory Gardens COVID-19 Operation Plan

McCrory Gardens – Gardens

COVID-19 Operation Plan “Open for Business”

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As primarily outdoor and/or open venues with ample fresh air to breathe, our gardens are/will be great places to go to find respite, solace and peace.

McCrory Gardens has natural places to practice social distancing techniques and mindfulness.

Phase 1 Reopening—June 6-July 5, 2020

  1. Staffing for Garden Visitors
    1. Only essential staff will be on-site and all other staff will continue to work remotely. Horticulture staff working in gardens or grounds will have means to create a 6-foot barrier between work areas and visitors during public visitation hours.
    2. Individuals are required to follow the current South Dakota State University and South Dakota Board of Regents face covering protocols.
    3. Welcome Desk—checking-in patrons, gift shop sales, answering phone, processing memberships and processing volunteer forms done by full-time staff Lisa Marotz and Lori Puetz.
    4. Facility Attendant—this person will be cleaning restroom and touchpoints; learning point of sale, answering phone, aiding garden visitors. Individual would work Wednesday-Sunday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. alongside full-time staff.
  2. Hours of Operation for Public Garden Admission
    1. Hours:
      1. Wednesday - Sunday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
        1. Closing allows time for SDSU Facilities and Services to deep clean multi-touch surfaces: door handles, water fountains and bathrooms.
  3. Entrance Procedures
    1. Encourage use of mechanical door openers.
    2. Keep vestibule doors propped via its locking mechanism to reduce number of touchpoints.
    3. Standing signage and stanchions will guide visitors into the Education and Visitor Center, to the welcome desk and out to the gardens but need university-branded signs.
    4. Plexiglas barrier will be at welcome desk
      1. Cleaning cloths, isopropyl alcohol at desk to clean point of sale and credit card reader, especially if a cashier shift change takes place or an exchange of currency/credit card; use on phone as well.
      2. If a visitor needs a pen, they will be able to take the McCrory Gardens pen they use.
      3. McCrory Gardens will accept cash, Hobo Dough, checks and credit cards.
        1. With hand sanitizer and hand-washing sink close by, feeling confident the processes can be safely managed.
    5. Reference sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with risks or feeling of illness will be posted at the desk and in restroom.
    6. Hand sanitizer station will be provided at welcome desk and in restroom (supplied by Facilities and Services; refillable bottle, asking if McCrory Gardens can have 1 gallon of product available to refill as it is open on weekends with no other access to more product).
    7. Stickers will be placed on floor to remind people of the 6-foot social distancing guidelines (available June 15, 2020) McCrory Gardens also has stanchions to use for this purpose.
  4. Signage
    1. Seeking the help of University Marketing and Communications/JacksRBack Task Force to make certain we have the correct branding and streamlined appearance of all signage.
    2. CDC signage—i.e., promote preventative actions.
      1. (CDC website)
    3. Approved SDSU displays utilized for signage at the main entrance/driveway, along the drive and at the front doors.
      1. Welcome! We are glad you are here.
    4. Be conscious of not claiming to prevent the spread; preference given to flattening the curve and reducing the risk.
    5. Lock Education and Visitor Center's west door. One can exit the building but not re-enter from that door. Visitors should use the Education and Visitor Center's south door to exit the gardens.
  5. Specific Areas
    1. Water fountains: Facilities and Services will cover the east fountain (not to be used). The bottle filler fountain will remain accessible and be sanitized after use.
    2. Vestibule: Remove all materials such as rack cards, travel guides, pens, etc.
      1. Inner vestibule doors will be locked in “open” position via door mechanism.
    3. Welcome desk: See above in Entrance Procedures
      1. On each receipt, the patron’s name and phone number will be recorded in case of needing to contact them following their visit. Information will be transferred to the daily admissions sheet that is stored in Box account.
      2. Note: Any queuing of visitors will be directed toward the donor wall and down the hall to the catering kitchen.
        1. Floor stickers and stanchions will provide visual directional guidance.
    4. Lobby capacity is 20.
    5. Classroom space will be locked. It may be used to store excess furniture.
    6. Great Hall will be locked.
    7. Restrooms (CDC website)
      1. Family restroom, men’s restroom and women’s restroom will all be available for use. Interior door will be propped for hands-free access to the family restroom.
      2. Cleaned and disinfected regularly, particularly high-touch surfaces such as faucets, toilets, doorknobs and light switches. Clean and disinfect restrooms daily or more often, if possible. Ensure safe and correct application of disinfectants and keep products away from children.
      3. Regularly stocked with supplies for hand-washing, including soap and materials for drying hands or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
        1. Will receive hand sanitizer and disinfectant from Facilities and Services.
        2. Hand sanitizing stations have been in place since May 27.
    8. Foyer area: Remove all tables, chairs and benches.
    9. Gift shop items: Stanchions will be used to close off the gift shop and office suite area.
      1. Items still on display. If a visitor would like to make a purchase, McCrory staff will bring the item(s) to the welcome desk to proceed with the sale.
    10. TV/publication center: Remove all publications and have a copy at the welcome desk to be shared with visitors upon request.
    11. Office suite: It is deemed to be an area that could be used as-is.
    12. Outdoor furniture: Chairs will be removed from the veranda and terrace. Tables will remain (no umbrellas installed). Throughout the Gardens, benches will be blocked via multiple wraps of red flagging tape.
    13. Outdoor drinking fountain will be turned off and covered.
    14. Outdoor water features will not be running at this time.
    15. The Straw Bale house will remain closed to the public.
  6. Exit Procedures
    1. Exit the gardens back through the Education and Visitor Center.
      1. For the safety of employees, this needs to be done to monitor who is leaving the gardens. Other exits would question as to the whereabouts of visitors.
      2. Pending the ability to bring on a facility attendant, there may be an occasion that only one person is in the Education and Visitor Center (if no attendant, then only one McCrory staff member will be working).
      3. The west door to the Education and Visitor Center, will remain locked (or reasons stated above). Guests can exit the building, but cannot get back in that door. Signage is needed to remind visitors.
    2. Encourage use of door openers.
    3. Keep vestibule doors propped to reduce number of touchpoints.
    4. Standing signage and stanchions will guide visitors into the Education and Visitor Center, out to the parking lot but need university-branded signs.
    5. Discourage any gathering in the Education and Visitor Center. Without any furniture available, this should be fairly simple.
    6. Clean and sanitize touchpoints.
    1. Third Thursday classes remain virtually presented.
    2. No additional camps or classes this summer (through August).


Mobility assistance devices—wheelchair, four-person golf cart and six-person golf cart—will not be available.

No group tours provided at this time. Avoiding any sort of “grouping” of people, not properly staffed to provide this either.

In addition to CDC website, these resources were researched and utilized: