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JacksRBack Student Affairs Programming Plan

SDSU JacksRBack Student Affairs Programming Plan

The Students Affairs Programming Plan is grounded in the SDSU Guiding Principles for Return to Campus, SDSU COVID-19 Protocols and SDSU JacksRBack University Event Protocols. Individuals are required to follow the current university and SDBOR face covering protocols. While these protocols are specific to operations in a pandemic, it is important to note South Dakota Board of Regents policies, SDSU policies and procedures, local, state and federal law will be followed in addition to these protocols.

    To establish policy, protocols and procedures for programming within the Division of Student Affairs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the SDSU JacksRBack University Event Protocols for definitions.
    1. Student Organization and Adviser Policy
      To utilize SDSU event space and resources, student organizations and their adviser(s) must complete a training presentation outlining protocols and procedures to host on-campus events. Student organizations that have not completed the training or signed an agreement will not be able to access university event space. Failure to abide by university policy, protocols and procedures regarding programming efforts may result in Student Code of Conduct review. See JacksRBack Plan for Student Organizations for more information.
    2. Four-Phase Programming Plan
      The Division of Student Affairs will follow a four-phase programming plan. The phase of programming used for an event will match the current COVID-19 status indicated by the SDSU COVID-19 Protocols. The SDSU COVID-19 Response Team will determine when the university changes phases.
      Phase 1/Red – 100% Virtual Programming: All interactions will happen on a virtual level.
      Phase 2/Orange – Mostly Virtual, Limited Face-to-Face Interaction: Events may occur in person with appropriate limits on individuals present based upon SDSU JacksRBack University Events Protocols. Virtual options for attending events should be available for participants to promote access.
      Phase 3/Yellow - Socially Distant: Events may occur in person with appropriate limits on number of individuals present based on the SDSU JacksRBack University Events Protocols. Virtual options for attending events are strongly encouraged.
      Phase 4/Green ­­– New Normal Operations:Most events will be able to return to normal with capacity limits. Some enhanced cleaning measures may remain in place. Monitoring of participants will not be as aggressive but education on safety guidelines and expectations will continue.
    3. Programming Protocols for the Division of Student Affairs during COVID-19
      The following protocols were designed to keep events safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.
      1. All SDSU-sponsored events, regardless of location, will follow, at a minimum, the protocols outlined in this plan and the SDSU JacksRBack University Event Protocols.
        1. For SDSU-sponsored events held off-site, the SDSU entity hosting the event will follow SDSU event protocols and facility protocols. Where conflict arises, the SDSU entity will follow the more stringent of the protocols.
      2. Events will be held virtually when in red COVID-19 status. When in orange or yellow COVID-19 status, event organizers should strongly consider virtual options for hosting events, and at a minimum, provide a virtual attendance option for individuals unable to participate in person. In green COVID-19 status, events may be held in person without pandemic restrictions.
        1. When hosting events virtually, event managers should adhere to ADA and Web Accessibility Guidelines to include captioning of live and recorded events.
      3. Events must be preapproved by the designated SDSU facility managers for that event.
      4. Events should follow the required maximum pandemic occupancy for the space utilized. Maximum attendee capacity will be maximum pandemic capacity minus number of staff required to manage the facility.
        1. No in-person event will exceed pre-pandemic maximum capacity (green); 120 individuals (yellow); 60 individuals (orange); or 0 individuals (red) but may be smaller based upon the pandemic capacity of the facility.
          1. Events exceeding these capacities will require prior approval by the SDSU COVID-19 Response Team. Approval will require development of a full plan to mitigate risk, which must be presented to the COVID-19 Response Team a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. Submission guidelines can be found in the SDSU JacksRBack University Event Protocols.
      5. Prominently display appropriate signage communicating SDSU guidelines at all events.
      6. Allow for social distancing at all times.
        1. Individuals from the same household unit will be allowed to be seated/occupy space without a minimum of 6 feet social distancing.
      7. Adhere to specific protocols for stationary events and interactive events, as indicated by the SDSU JacksRBack University Event Protocols.
      8. Put in place the appropriate tracking of attendees through a registration system or other form that limits the need for a sign-in station with shared materials. Tracking of attendees should be done by the event organizer in a manner that minimizes contact and shared items. The event organizer should maintain this record for 30 days following the event.
      9. Ensure that there is a process in place to acquire the appropriate waivers for event attendees. This should be done in a manner that minimizes contact and shared items.
      10. Cleaning protocols for events will be managed by the facility team responsible for the facility.
      11. Event managers must notify all outside guests (vendors, contractors, community members, etc.) of current protocols and procedures for on-campus programming prior to the event.
      12. Event managers should reduce the use of physical materials (handouts, writing utensils, swag, etc.) to reduce risk of cross-contamination. ID scanners are permitted, but must be sanitized between each scan.Programs and items pertinent to the function of the event should be delivered digitally when possible and will meet accessibility standards.
      13. All events involving food must be catered through Aramark, the university-contracted food service provider. Aramark will have appropriate protocols in place to operate catering events in a safe manner during the pandemic.
      14. All fitness and recreational programming such as group exercise classes, club and intramural sports competitions should be limited based on university social distancing guidelines and event protocols. All events of this nature must be preapproved by the appropriate university officials.
      15. Adhere to additional logistics and communications protocols as indicated by the SDSU JacksRBack University Event Protocols.
    4. Safety Statement for Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic
      The following statement was designed to inform event participants of the recommended health and safety protocols SDSU encourages them to abide by at university-sponsored events. This or a similar statement should be read before all events taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic.
      South Dakota State University takes the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. We are doing all that we can to help mitigate its effects on our campus and the surrounding community. We ask that you please adhere to any notifications throughout the building, maintain appropriate social distancing and respect the additional precautions we are taking to allow collaborations and connections, such as these events, to continue to take place safely and responsibly. Stay safe and thank you for joining us this evening.
    1. Interim Guidance for Administrators of U.S. Institutions of Higher Education – CDC
    2. Get Your Mass Gatherings or Large Community Events Ready – CDC
    3. Implementation of Mitigation Strategies for Communities with Local COVID-19 Transmission – CDC
    4. Considerations for Reopening IHEs in the COVID-19 Era – American College Health Association
    5. Higher Education Pandemic Recovery Guide – Global Center for Health Security
    6. Thinking Ahead: Considerations for Fall Programming – National Association for Campus Activities
    7. Simpson University Reopening Plan
    8. South Dakota State University COVID-19 Guidance

Representatives from various offices in the Division of Student Affairs developed this plan to maintain a safe environment at events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Florencio U. Aranda III (Multicultural Latino/a/x retention adviser)
  • Georgia Groeneweg (program adviser for University Program Council)

Committee Members:

  • Brian Dominguez (University Housing Area coordinator)
  • Shari Landmark (director of Recreation and Fitness)
  • Amber Morseau (American Indian Program coordinator)
  • Nick Shirley (University Housing Residence Hall director)
  • Kas Williams (Chief Diversity Officer)