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JacksRBack Costume Shop Operating Guidelines

SDSU Costume Shop Operating Guidelines Fall 2020                

Per Industry guidelines from the United States Institute of Theatre and Technology the SDSU costume shop will do the following in the Fall to limit the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Limit the number of students in the costume shop by staggering schedules of work-study, hourly and scholarship workers.
  2. Upon entry to the costume shop each employee will:
    1. Wear a face-covering
    2. Store all personal items in person storage cubbies that have been sanitized
    3. Wash their hands (preferably) or use hand sanitizer
    4. Clock in/out to humanity (our time clock station) to track their hours and times they are working
    5. Wipe down surfaces they may have touched while in the room and before leaving, wash hands or use hand sanitizer.
  3. Visitors and observers will be limited based on capacity for the costume shop, which will be clearly labeled at the entry of the room. The maximum capacity for the costume shop will be 10.
  4. A sanitize bin will be available for all used shop equipment each day. After an item is used, place it in the bin for sanitation at the end of each workday.
  5. All surfaces (counters, sewing tables, machines, irons, etc.) will be sanitized daily.

Because of the health and safety, as well as the limited time we have for costume construction, we will not have traditional costume support for Fall 2020 performances. Instead, we will have designers work with each performer and utilize the clothing they own for Fall productions. Additionally, costume design and technology students will be working on independent projects for their portfolios to gain experience.

Daily work in the costume shop will include:

  • Barcoding and digitizing the collection of costume pieces for the new database system
  • Digitizing all actor measurements in the new database system
  • Organizing the costume shop and costume storages
  • Constructing new ditty bags for use in productions
  • Constructing period garments for portfolio and use in the Madrigal

Costume Shop Operating Guidelines Fall 2020