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JacksRBack Collegian Operations Plan

Appendix B: The Collegian Operations

Update to University Student Union JacksRBack Plan

Plan for Printing of The Collegian newspaper during fall semester 2020:

  • The Collegian plans to print its regular run of 2,000 copies while in orange, yellow and green phases of pandemic. In red, The Collegian will be available online only. The Collegian is delivered on campus and throughout the Brookings community. No delivery will be made to the residence halls, which total 50 copies, in order to limit exposure to new people entering those spaces.
  • We typically deliver using two delivery drivers. During orange, yellow and green phases of the pandemic, we would split that route so only one delivery driver was in each vehicle. Since miles traveled – roughly 20 per delivery – would be the same it would not incur additional cost to The Collegian. In red, print distribution would be canceled and no delivery would be necessary.
  • Prior to putting newspapers on the racks, delivery people will spray the rack with sanitizer. Susan Smith would monitor the three racks in the Union and wipe down areas people may touch when picking up the newspapers. Our delivery people carry the newspaper via plastic straps, place the newspapers in racks and then cut the straps. The only newspapers touched physically by delivery people are maybe the top and bottom copies. The Union gets the largest number of copies, but this delivery method is the same in all racks. The Union and Rotunda racks are the only solid racks. The others are metal and don’t have a large surface to be contaminated. Touching the racks is also not necessary to pick up a paper. Individuals should only be picking up one paper at a time so contamination at the rack would be minimal. Delivery drivers will wear masks while delivering.
  • The current approved plan allows editors to work in the office whether the newspaper is online or printed. The capacities were increased from six to nine people in the newsroom once lounge furniture was removed from the office. The editor’s office and advisor offices have capacities of two each. The number of students producing the paper will increase by two designers if printed distribution is approved. However, those students would likely have been involved in the online production as one designs online graphics and the other splits duties as a page designer and web designer. At the current time, the advisor does not plan to be in the office for much of production night due to experience of student staff. This will cut down on one person in the office.