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Hosting Events

Events during COVID-19

The health and safety of South Dakota State University students, faculty, staff and visitors are top priority as SDSU events resume on campus. As a result, we are taking additional precautions to allow the collaborations and connections achieved through events, to continue to take place safely and responsibly.

COVID-19 Event Definitions

Event: During this time an "event" is defined as any planned gathering of attendees, either indoors or outdoors, regardless of the number of attendees that is considered a special public or social occasion and is not an integrated part of a unit's routine campus operations. This definition also includes the performing arts performances and athletic competitions.

Non-SDSU Event: Any event that is not sponsored by SDSU or an affiliated organization to SDSU. Facilities with shared interest with a non-SDSU entity would be considered an SDSU event for this definition (i.e. the Oscar Larsen Performing Arts Center is shared between the city, Brookings School District and SDSU).

Interactive Events: An interactive event occurs when participants do not have a designated “space” to occupy, movement around the event facility is unrestricted or has minimal restrictions and high levels of interaction with others is a core component of the event. Examples of interactive events include but are not limited to receptions, banquets, dances, social programs, open houses, fairs (career, academic, club, community, etc.), tailgating, parades and the like.

Stationary Events: A stationary event occurs when participants, upon entry into the event facility, go to a seat or space where they remain for the duration of the event. Upon event conclusion, participants exit the facility. This type of event most closely mirrors the traditional academic classroom setting. Examples of stationary events include but are not limited to a lecture, a panel presentation, a pinning/hooding ceremony, convocation, concert, a theater production, an athletic competition, etc.

Event Plan Submission

  1. Make a reservation with the desired venue. (Non-athletic outdoor spaces are reserved through Central Reservations.)
  2. Once the reservation request is complete, the event manager will receive the Event Management Plan and Request for Exception Form via DocuSign or by the facility manager.
  3. Event manager completes the Event Exception Form. Once complete via DocuSign, the form will route to the Chair of the COVID-19 Response Team, Tracy Greene. If not using DocuSign, the facility manager will forward to the chair.
  4. Once reviewed by COVID-19 Response Team, the event organizer will be notified by the facility manager.
  5. If event is approved, the SAARF Form and Reservation will be completed via DocuSign.

Additional Considerations 

Current CDC guidance indicates fully vaccinated individuals can resume activities that they did prior to the pandemic. However, event hosts should continue to encourage attendees to watch out for symptoms of COVID-19, and stay home if they are sick.

Face Coverings

Current Status: Face Coverings Optional

Visit the Face Covering Protocols site for additional information regarding face coverings.