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2022 Spring Semester Q&A

The following questions and answers are intended to help students, faculty, staff and others prepare for the spring 2022 semester. Please note the information is fluid and subject to change. It will be updated accordingly.

General Questions

Will the university’s COVID-19 Response Team and the JacksRBack Task Force continue to monitor COVID-19 and its impact on the SDSU community?

Yes. The two teams continue to meet to review current COVID-19 impacts and how the university continue to respond.

Does the University have any COVID-19 restrictions at this time?

With the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and the opportunity for everyone at SDSU to be vaccinated, we continue to operate the spring semester with fewer restrictions on campus and increased opportunities for in-person instruction, activities for student groups, home athletic events, a more vibrant student union, greater access to the Miller Wellness Center and other traditional college experiences.

Will students, faculty and staff be required to receive a vaccine?

At this time the university is not requiring students, faculty and staff to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. However, we highly encourage everyone who is able to do so to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Information about vaccines is available on the university’s COVID-19 vaccine page.

Please note some students and employees participating in off-site experiential learning opportunities may need vaccines to participate.

Can I ask my fellow worker or student if they are vaccinated?

In general, no. Only authorized HR representatives can ask if a person has been vaccinated under very limited circumstances. But you can let another person know you are vaccinated.

If a student or faculty member is not vaccinated, will they be allowed to attend in-person meetings or in-person classes? Will they be required to wear a face covering?

Yes, they will be allowed to attend. We will follow the Board of Regents/University face coverings policy as applicable at that time.

Can students and employees request meetings with individuals who have not been vaccinated to be virtual?

Virtual meetings continue to be an option as allowed by business operation requirements. Meeting participants cannot be limited based on vaccination status at this time.

How many people in Brookings County have received a vaccine?

The Brookings Health System continues to update its website as to the number of people who are considered Brookings County residents that have received a vaccine. Some, but not all SDSU students, are considered residents of the county.

What COVID-19 protocols and/or restrictions will still be in place?

We anticipate some COVID-19 responses as the virus will continue to be part of our daily lives into the foreseeable future. We continue to offer our students COVID-19 testing capabilities on campus and we have available QIH housing for anyone who tests positive for the virus and is unable to return home. Additional protocols will be determined as the university continues to monitor COVID-19 and its impact on the campus and the community.

Will we have to continue to wear face coverings on-campus and in the residence halls?

Not at this time. The university's COVID-19 response team will continue to monitor the situation and make recommendations to the South Dakota Board of Regents as necessary pertaining to face coverings on-campus.

Are there other residence hall restrictions this semester?

There is no guest policy restrictions in our residence halls at this time.

Will testing for COVID-19 still be available for students?

Yes, testing will be available for students on campus. Testing is available through the Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services, which is located in the Miller Wellness Center.

Will COVID-19 testing still be free to students?

Yes. There is not cost to the students.

Will events need to be reviewed by the COVID-19 Response Team?

The review of events will be based on the university’s COVID-19 safety level at the time. Currently events on campus do not need to be reviewed.

Will classes still be offered online and/or in a hybrid format?

The university is largely offering normal academic operations, meaning that courses typically delivered in-person are face-to-face with very few exceptions. SDSU does routinely offer several courses in online and hybrid formats giving students course delivery options to meet their needs. The COVID-19 Response Team will continue to evaluate and update course modalities as public health guidance changes.

Will student clubs and organizations be able to meet in person?

Currently student organizations are able to meet in person, but the university continues to have technology available to offer hybrid or remote meetings should they choose.

Are there be capacity restrictions in classrooms and other areas of campus?

Currently there are not capacity restrictions on campus.

Will there be any student abroad opportunities this academic year?

The Office of International Affairs is currently working toward a resumption of education abroad program. At this time, we believe education abroad program will most likely resume Spring 2022 but it is not confirmed.