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Jacks Start Abroad - Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland


Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland - Conflict, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

Application Deadline: To Be Determined | Program Dates: March 4-13, 2021

Program Cost: To Be Determined

SDSU's Jacks Start Abroad program is a unique academic opportunity for incoming students to learn about history, culture, law, politics, education, literature, and sources of Irish pride. The program will begin in Dublin where students will visit the General Post Office and the Collins Barracks. Students will visit the Book of Kells and learn about admission into Trinity College. They will then participate in Gaelic games and learn about Ireland's famous literary figures.

The program then moves on to Northern Ireland with en route visits to Bru na Boinne Visitor Center, one of the world's most important prehistoric landscapes, and Newgrange. After arriving in Belfast, students will have a guided tour of the city, the Falls and Shankill Road Murals. Students will learn about Ireland's long relationship with imperial Britain that resulted in a division of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, a division that created the infamous "Troubles". 

A visit to Dunluce Castle gives a glimpse back to medieval times and manor life. Students will benefit from a visit to a working distillery and hear the story of making Bushmills whiskey. Natural wonders such as the Giant's Causeway showcases unique rock formations while Monsterboice demonstrates an ancient cemetery.

The program will continue at Ballycastle to experience not only a small, quaint beach community, but a peace and reconciliation organization dedicated to helping children, teens and adults with family reconstruction following the "Troubles". 

Finally, the program will visit the magnificent city of Belfast. The group will visit historic sites such as the Peace Walls and Crumlin Gaol. The final day in Belfast permits a lecture by a distinguished professor at Queen's College and a visit to Stormont, the Northern Ireland Parliament.

All experiences will give students a new picture of conflict between and within countries, as well as help students identify their own conflict styles, how they will approach conflict as freshmen, as well as numerous skills that will jumpstart strong success for the first year of college.