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How to Apply

We aim to make the application process for the Intensive English program (Levels 1 and 2) and Global Foundations pathway program. You will find step-by-step instruction below. For assistance with the application, send an email to SDSU International

  1. Complete Application
    1. Apply Now:
    2. Deadlines: We do not have specific deadline for Intensive English or the Global Foundations pathway program. We recommend applying by: Conditional Admission to SDSU degree program: Once you have completed your application the International Admissions team will contact you. You will be given information about further steps to complete the admissions process, including how to gain conditional admission into a degree program at SDSU. 
      1. Fall start (August): June 15
      2. Spring start (January): November 15
  2. Academic Transcripts
    1. Academic transcripts are recommended but not required for enrollment into the Intensive English (Levels 1 and 2) or Global Foundations pathway program. This includes any records from secondary or post-secondary education you have completed. 
    2. Academic transcripts are required to gain conditional admission into an SDSU degree program through the Global Foundations pathway program. 
    3. More information about requirements for academic records is found here. 
  3. English Proficiency
    1. No language proficiency scores are required for ELCI admission. For students without English proficiency scores, an assessment will be done upon arrival. The following are the general guidelines or recommendations for pre-admission to a specific level:
      1. Level 1: TOEFL of 44 and 4.0 IELTS equivalent
      2. Level 2: TOEFL of 52 and 5.0 on IELTS equivalent
      3. Global Foundations: TOEFL score of 52 and IELTS score of 5.0 (or equivalents in other testing programs) required for direct admission to the Global Foundations Program.