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In 2016, the Office of International Affairs and Outreach launched Metis, a collection of meaningful work from students at South Dakota State University. The  works were curated by the students and staff of the Office of International Affairs and Outreach, including English as a Second Language (ESL), the Study Abroad Program and International Students and Scholars. In the fall of 2016, the second edition of Metis was developed, which then included all SDSU distance students. 

Each student at this university has a story to tell, whether that is through words, images or works of art, and this book is a celebration of their wonderful and rich perspectives. We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to the students who shared their perspectives with us—without your willingness to reflect and draw upon your own experiences, this book would not have been developed. Thank you! 

About Metis

Metis was a Greek goddess who represented wisdom, prudence and deep thought. Her name is used here to symbolize a collection of artistic works by our students that are reflective, story-telling and insightful.  In Metis 2016, you will find pictures, photographs of original art-work, poems and short essays that reflect a person’s thoughts, emotions and feelings about life in a new, inspiring environment. Each student has a unique and powerful perspective that sheds light on her or his experiences around the world.
With knowledge as the cornerstone to the development of a great intellectual community, our goal of this book was to capture the thoughts, reflections and experiences of our international students as they have come to the United States or our domestic students as they studied abroad. In this sense, we hope this collection of work will paint a picture of our students’ experiences on and off campus.  

Nathan Ziegler, Ph.D. 
Director of ESL Programs


All SDSU International, ESL, Distance and Study Abroad students are welcome to submit works in the following categories: writing, original art and photography. The following submissions will be accepted: Poetry, essays, and photos of original paintings, drawings and sculptures.

An award will be presented for the best piece in each category. Finalists will have their work published in the second annual Metis book. The second annual Metis will be published in April 2017.


Submissions to Metis must adhere to the following requirements:

  • One submission piece per person
  • File must be named in the following format: Category.FirstName.LastName(Categories are: Writing, Photography and Original Work)
    • Example: Writing.John.Doe
  • Literary attachments must be in .doc or .docx format
  • Maximum length for literary submissions is 500 words or less
  • Photo attachments must be in .jpeg or .jpg format
  • Description of how it ties back to the theme (up to 5 sentences)
  • Must complete the Metis Demographic form and submit with your Metis submission
  • All Metis submissions should be received by midnight on Friday, March 17.

Failure to submit appropriately might disqualify you for submission.

Please submit your demographic form at the link below. Once completed, you will be instructed to submit your Metis entry. Any questions or concerns you may have with the submission process can be directed to Kirsten Linke at

Click here to submit your Metis entry!