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South Dakota State University

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Intensive ESL Program (IEP)

The primary mission of the English Language and Culture Institute at SDSU is to prepare and educate English language learners to engage in academic contexts in the American higher education system, engage in civic and critical dialogues, and become empowered global citizens.

Program Highlights

  • Low cost: $5,747
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Cultural excursions
  • Successful completion voids the need for TOEFL/IELTS in undergraduate admission
  • Critical thinking focus
  • Multiple progressive levels
  • Student centered
  • 1 credit hour earned per semester

 Additional Details

Referral discounts: Save when you refer a friend to the ELCI.

Full-time Enrollment: 21 hours of study a week.

Class Schedule

  • 8 hours - Listening and Speaking
  • 8 hours - Reading and Writing
  • 3 hours - Culture
  • 2 hours - Communication Workshop


Fall 2017

  • June 15:  Application Deadline
  • August 14-18: New International Student Orientation, Assessment & Placement
  • August 21-December 13:  Fall Classes

Spring 2018

  • November 15: Application Deadline
  • January 2-5: New International Student Orientation, Assessment & Placement
  • January 8-May 4: Spring Classes

Summer 2018

  • March 15: Application Deadline
  • May 14-18: New ESL Orientation, Assessment & Placement
  • May 21-August 10: Summer Classes

What students are saying about the ELCI

“It’s the best study experience I ever had because the teachers are like friends and the English knowledge I learned from this program is like a gift not a task for me.”
– ELCI Undergraduate Student, China, Spring 2015

“In my first class, my teacher asked me to take out a sheet of paper, but I didn’t understand anything she said. Now, I can fill up an entire notebook. I can’t believe how much my English has improved.”
– ELCI Undergraduate Student, Saudi Arabia, Spring 2015

Media Highlights

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