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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Education Abroad?

Education Abroad offers students the opportunity to earn academic credits in an international setting. Students can take classes as well as participate in internships and service-learning opportunities all over the world.

When Can I Study Abroad?

Any undergraduate student who is a sophomore standing at the end of his or her first year on campus can study abroad. Transfer students must complete one full academic semester at SDSU and have an SDSU transcript before applying to a Study Abroad program. If, however you are a senior and want to take part in a study abroad program, please contact Briana or Sally in the Education Abroad Office. 

Education Abroad programs are offered during Fall and Spring semester, winter and spring break, academic year and Summer. The best time to go depends on each student's academic program. Connect with your academic advisor to plan when would be best for you to study abroad.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no set price for the cost of studying abroad. Many factors come into play including length of program, location and number of credits a student takes during their program. Many types and styles of programs are available to fit a variety of budgets. SDSU offers many high-quality, low-cost programs that are affordable. Students can apply financial aid toward their program costs as long as they are enrolled full-time during their program. Students may also apply their Jackrabbit Guarantee and South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship to their program costs.

For more information on scholarships, please refer to the Finances page.

How Does Payment Work?

After students financially commit to their study abroad program on their application, the Education Abroad Office will pay the cost of the program on the student's behalf. The cost of the program will be billed to the student's SDePay account on Self Service before their program starts. This way financial aid and scholarships may be applied to their SDePay account.

What Can I Study?

SDState Abroad offers study abroad programs that are applicable to all majors. Students can study courses in their major, minor or take courses that will be counted as elective credits. All credits will transfer back to SDSU. 

What Programs Are Available?

There are several program options available including SDSU Exchange, Internships, Provider Programs and Faculty-Led Programs.

Please refer to the Program Options page.

Where Do I Stay While Abroad?

Accommodations vary with each program and can include hostels, hotels, residence halls, apartments and homestays.

Is Foreign Language Required?

Courses are instructed in English all around the world. Therefore, foreign language is not required. Study abroad is a wonderful opportunity to develop greater fluency in a foreign language. Many language programs have homestay options available to enhance language acquisition. Some programs will offer a short, intensive, and focused foreign language course to help students adjust to daily living while abroad.

Why Should My Student Study Abroad?

Studying abroad helps students gain in-depth exposure to foreign cultures in a way that cannot be accomplished in a classroom. Students are exposed to new ways of thinking about the world and their own country. Studying abroad promotes great intercultural competency skills and greater confidence, independence and self-sufficiency. It allows students the opportunity to take academic courses that are not offered at SDSU and make their SDSU degree unique.

For more information, please visit the About Education Abroad page.