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Instructional Design Services

We are here to support the instructional, research, institutional, and service missions of the University through quality instructional design services

eLearning Applications

We provide and support instructional technologies to assist in teaching including tools for assessment, communication & collaboration, content creation, learning management, file storage, plagiarism and originality, student response system, surveys, multimedia, and more.  Visit our Licensed Applications page to download software and find tutorials. The D2L Tutorials page also has a wealth of information on each specific D2L tool.

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IDS provides flexible training for faculty and staff.  Visit the Faculty Training page to view upcoming training sessions or contact us to request custom or one-on-one training. The Upcoming IDS Conferences page highlights periods where we offer many workshops packed into a couple of weeks, usually offered in spring and fall.

Individual IDS Contact for Colleges  

IDS 2021 Fall Training Schedule

IDS 2021 Summer Academies

Course Design & Development

Effective teaching begins with thoughtful planning. Instructional design involves the systematic planning for developing and implementing instructional curriculum. 

Course Review

The Course Review process helps you to ensure quality standards are addressed when designing your course to set you up for success when teaching online. Please reach out to us for questions on this process or consider attending a training.  See the Hybrid/Online Teaching page for more information.

Online/Hybrid Instructor Certification

Our Online/Hybrid Instructor Certification program information is a comprehensive training program that focuses on the pedagogy and best practices of teaching online/hybrid courses. It does not teach the participants how to use the D2L tools within an online course, but rather focuses on teaching strategies for the online environment.  If you complete the entire certification through the master level, you will also receive a $2,000 stipend. Contact Kim Vig with any questions about this training. See the Hybrid/Online Teaching page for more information.

Course Design House

The Course Design House program involves working with one of our learning designers to build or re-build a course. Give us your contents - we give you a course. IDS works with the designated course contents expert on course design and development. At the end a fully developed online/hybrid course is turned over to the instructor, department, or college.

The IDS Instructional Designer identifies the syllabus, contents, learning activities, assessments, technology applications, and best practices. These individual course development components will be divided between the contents expert and IDS. The contents expert primarily will be responsible for creation of syllabus, learning outcomes, contents, learning activities, and assessments. The Instructional Designer will put all course components together as a course. See the Hybrid/Online Teaching page for more information.

Labs & Devices

See Training Labs and Devices to learn more about the faculty training lab, multimedia lab, narration lab, and devices lab.  We can also assist with learning the various technology available in classrooms across campus.


Visit > Academics > Instructional Design Services to find more information. Contact the Support Desk if you need access to InsideState.

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