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Project Highlights


Raven Industries

Raven Industries Logo

Raven Industries reached out to Innovate SoDak for assistance with testing their equipment's functionality. Our student interns helped Raven Industries assess and improve their weather and soil monitoring sensor systems.


Daktronics Logo

Daktronics asked Innovate SoDak to help with research and development to improve the performance of their LED technology. We assisted by measuring the inductance, capacitance, and resistance of their LED devices, verifying optimal product design and specifications.



LifeScape Logo

LifeScape worked with Innovate SoDak and SDSU engineering capstone teams to develop two prototype devices that enhance patient interactions: a customized child arm brace and a patient tracking device. We also reduced viral spread in their facilities by evaluating HVAC treatment methods and airflow patterns.


Poet logo

POET and Innovate SoDak teamed up to create images of POET’s biorefining products with a scanning electron microscope. They analyzed the product to better understand and improve their processes.