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Service Catalog - Alphabetical Listing

Our service catalog provides a list of all the services the Office of Information provides to campus. Looking for instructions to set up an email account or who to call when you have to reset your password? The service catalog contains all this information plus details on how to request new services, who the services is available to, any associated costs, and who to contact with questions and problems.

Complete list of services

Application Whitelisting 
Classroom Support 
Classroom Technology 
Computer Forensics 
Computer Lab Technology Services 
Computer Repair Services 
Encrypted Flash Drives 
Equipment Loan Services 
Firewall Services 
Form Requests 
Hard Drive Encryption 
Incident Response Team 
Incident Ticket System 
Information Technology Training 
Network Accounts 
Network Cable Drops 
Network Port Activation/Deactivation 
Network Storage 
Paperless Content Management (ImageNow) 
Security Cameras 
Site Content/Customization 
Software Request 
Student Data Request 
Technical Assistance 
Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
Virus Protection 
Wireless Area Coverage