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Remote Graphic Sessions

VNC: Graphical User Sessions

What is VNC?

Virtual Network Computing, VNC, is a graphical desktop-sharing system. At SDSU, many research computing systems support VNC, allowing users to connect to a graphical desktop session in addition to command-line access via SSH.

For more information visit the Research Computing Wiki for VNC.

DCV: 3D visualization

Nice DCV

NICE  Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) is a high-performant Remote 3D technology enabling Technical Computing users seamless remote access to 2D/3D interactive desktops to SDSU research computing resources through your web browser. In short, DCV provides a better experience for interactive modeling than traditional VNC.

SDSU currently uses DCV on two (2) systems tied to research on the cluster.  These systems are Iris (ResGPU001) and ResVis001. Research computing currently has 12 licenses available for use on these systems.  You will need VPN access to use DCV from off campus locations.

For more information visit the Research Computing Wiki for DVC.