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Labs & Printing

No computer? No problem.

Need a quiet place to write that report? Want to surf the web between classes? SDSU offers computer labs available to all students and a number of major-restricted labs, as well. Labs are located across campus, so you can stop in between classes to quickly check your email or work on an assignment.

General access labs are located in the following locations:

  • Student Union Kiosks (Next to Union Coffee and the Bookstore)
  • Wenona 015

The labs have more than just computers, though. Scanners and WebPrint stations are available in most of the labs. Using your Hobo Dough, you can print pages in black and white for 5 cents or in color for 15 cents (per page).

Plus, we offer laptop check-out stations for use in the Briggs Library and the Student Union. These laptops, as well as the computers in the labs, come with Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10.

See what a nickel can get you 

Class is in 20 minutes and you just realized your printer is out of ink. No need to panic. SDSU offers WebPrint services for all students in any of the general use computer labs. It is affordable—only 5 cents for a black and white page and 15 cents for a color page. Front and back printing is available in some locations, as well.

Because WebPrint uses Hobo Dough cards, you won't need to worry about buying ink cartridges, paper, or printer jams. You can simply print from labs to WebPrint printers or, in some residence halls, print from your computer to printers in the building. For instructions on installing printer files, visit MyState. Having problems printing? Contact the SDSU Support Desk.