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Connecting to the Cluster

Getting an Account

To request an account on the cluster, fill out as much as possible of the following short form and email to

First Name:
Last Name:
SDSU ID number:
SDSU Email address:
SDSU Department:
Status (faculty, staff, grad. student [PhD, MS], undergrad.):
Faculty advisor/sponsor (if applicable):
Office or Lab location (if applicable):
Campus Phone/Cell Phone:
Research server: (blackjack(cluster), silvertip2, etc.):
Likely applications to be used (e.g. BLAST+, MATLAB, Gaussian, C/MPI, etc.):

Getting Connected with command line or VNC

All of the cluster servers which take logins (blackjack, kojack, etc.) can be accessed with a command-line shell program. This is the most basic level of interaction which is available for all servers. In addition, especially for Windows, most users find it convenient to also install a file transfer helper program. A few servers (kojack) are also set up for remote graphical interface connections, through VNC view programs.