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President's Message

Barry H. Dunn, 20th President of SDSU
President Barry H. Dunn

IMPACT 2018 has been the guiding vision for South Dakota State University the past four years. As we enter the fifth and final year of the plan, the campus community has been actively engaged for almost a year in working to develop the university’s next strategic plan that will launch July 1, 2018.

Land-grant universities operate under a unique mission that provides higher education to the masses. It is this access that engages communities throughout South Dakota and the region, creating an opportunity for students to return to, and faculty to enter, communities with new knowledge and opportunities to advance society.

As we look to finish IMPACT 2018 strong and transition to the next strategic plan, we are committed to maintaining that access to academic excellence rooted in our historic mission, enhancing research to solve the complex problems of today’s society and continue to be good stewards of the public resources we are given.

We also recognize moving forward that the classrooms at SDSU today do not look like the classrooms of the past. Technology continues to change in ways that enhance learning, and the students and faculty who are sitting in those classrooms come from backgrounds that are more racially, ethnically and culturally diverse.

Students at SDSU represent every state in our nation and over 90 countries. They come from graduating classes of less than 10 to more than 400. It is this diversity that enriches our campus community and helps prepare all students to live in a dynamic and exciting world. It is also this diversity that will help guide some of the values and outcomes of our next strategic plan.

The value of higher education and the impact of South Dakota State University can be seen throughout South Dakota, the region and the world. It is the collective responsibility of everyone at SDSU to challenge, educate and prepare our students to enter the world.

Barry H. Dunn

President, South Dakota State University