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The Difference is Design

School of Design students and faculty

The School of Design has enjoyed tremendous growth since being established in July 2015. Currently the school is home to approximately 392 undergraduate students and nearly 30 faculty members.

The school combines all of the university’s design fields of study, including architecture, interior design, studio art, graphic design and landscape architecture. The programs are aligned into an academic framework that shares curriculum and resources as the means for increasing collaboration and providing a comprehensive, robust design education for all students.

First-year students enroll in collaborative design studies that focus on design thinking, creativity and professional exploration that generates unique pathways for them to explore design interests before beginning their second year.

The curriculum includes a set of core first-year courses for all majors—a common introduction to the university, introduction to design theory and practice, a creativity course and then an upper-level course to work on collaborative design projects. The courses build upon and share common design principles and outcomes. All programs in the School of Design are accredited or candidates for national accreditation.