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Year 3 Annual Report

Student writing on board

For South Dakota State University, it has been a year of transition and change.

I am honored to have been named president of the state’s 1862 land-grant university.

This report documents the progress we’ve made during the last year toward meeting the goals of IMPACT 2018.

Barry H. Dunn

In the coming year, we will recommit ourselves as an institution and a community to SDSU’s historic land-grant mission. We will refocus our efforts to assure the university will continue its vital role serving the people of our state and region and addressing the critical issues and challenges of our time.

I’ve spoken of South Dakota State University as “a beacon of opportunity for all,” a vision that I believe encompasses those imperatives.

To first imagine, then realize, such a future we will begin the initial planning phase of the university’s next strategic plan in January 2017, even as we achieve new successes and reach important milestones. As an institution, we will continue to move forward, fully committed to continuous improvement in academic and scholarly excellence, working diligently to create a pathway to the future. We will distinguish ourselves by helping our students reach their rich potential, and by delivering value to stakeholders and the larger community.

As we complete the work set out in IMPACT 2018 and turn our eyes to the future, SDSU and its people will continue striving to set a high standard in this competitive world of higher education.

We will continue to support and fulfill the university’s over-arching mission: to make a difference for the people of South Dakota and beyond.

Barry H. Dunn

President, South Dakota State University