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Faculty Surveys

As part of understanding the campus climate, surveys administered to SDSU faculty and non-faculty exempt professionals between Fall 2008 and Spring 2011 were analyzed as part of the strategic planning process.

The surveys were conducted to discover the “tenor” of the campus. As respondents’ perspectives evolved with the institutional initiatives and priorities, the political, social and economic environment, and the students’ abilities and interests, there was opportunity for institutional improvement as part of IMPACT 2018.

A synopsis of the surveys produced several recurring themes, including:

  • Concern for resources, including salary, benefits, retirement, staffing and facilities;
  • Satisfaction with supervisors and department heads;
  • Strong institutional pride;
  • Concerns toward shared governance and communication;
  • Ability to manage expectations and conflicting priorities;
  • Lack of diversity;
  • Job security and growth, and
  • Need for rewards and recognition of good work.

Read the synopsis here.