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Image for Impact 2018 - A Strategic Vision for South Dakota State University

Impact 2018 - A Strategic Vision for South Dakota State University

Lead with purpose. Champion the public good.

A university's strategic plan is more than a road map to its future.

It is a summary of the institution’s aspirations and priorities. An effective strategic plan is one in which all stakeholders, on campus and off, see their interests, express their ideas and build on their values. In developing IMPACT 2018, stakeholders were engaged in conversations on campus, in local communities and across the state to ensure their contributions and their expectations helped shape the direction of South Dakota State University as a comprehensive teaching and research public institution of higher education.

Impact 2018 - A Strategic Vision for South Dakota State (logo)

A Morrill Act land-grant university also has a responsibility to assure access to an exceptional education, to help solve increasingly complex problems that challenge the economy, to create gateways to opportunity for students, to strengthen communities and to use resources wisely and judiciously. Through undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, SDSU faculty develop the talented, highly educated leaders of tomorrow and support a more prosperous future through research and outreach.

Built on the accomplishments of the University’s previous strategic plan, IMPACT 2018 is a renewal of the University’s commitment to provide the highest quality in teaching, research and service; to serve South Dakota, the region and the nation; and to succeed in a global economy.


As a leading land-grant university, South Dakota State University champions the public good through engaged learning, bold and innovative research and creative activities, and stewardship within a global society.


South Dakota State University offers a rich academic experience in an environment of inclusion and access through inspired, student-centered education, creative activities and research, innovation and engagement that improve the quality of life in South Dakota, the region, the nation, and the world.

Core Values

  • Excellence in learning, discovery and engagement
  • Passion for the institutional mission
  • Improved quality of life for the people and communities of South Dakota, our nation and the world
  • Appreciation for academic, scientific and humanitarian achievements
  • Curiosity and innovation
  • Acceptance and embracement of diverse cultures and perspectives
  • Civility, integrity and trustworthiness 
  • Transparency in decision-making and information sharing
  • Fiscal and programmatic accountability
  • Economic and environmental sustainability


IMPACT 2018 strategic goals are grounded in the University's commitment to core values. By achieving these goals, South Dakota State University will impact the state, the region, the nation and the world.

Goal 1: Academic Excellence

Promote academic excellence through quality programs, engaged learners and an innovative teaching and learning environment.

Goal 2: Research & Innovation

Generate new knowledge, encourage innovations and promote artistic and creative works that contribute to the public good and result in social, cultural or economic development for South Dakota, the region, the nation and the world.

Goal 3: Outreach

Extend the reach and depth of the University by developing strategic programs and collaborations.

Goal 4: High-Performing University

Secure human and fiscal resources to ensure high performance though enhanced financial, management and governance systems.

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