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Concept Papers

The Strategic Planning 2023 leadership team developed 13 concept papers. The concept papers were created following the strategic planning engagement session that focused on specific topics identified by the Strategic Planning Team. The concept papers were developed by the strategicplanningconceptpaperteams.

The following 13 themes and concept papers include:

•          Brand and Identity

•          Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

•          Research Excellence, Expansion, and Innovation

•          Community Relationships, Engagement, and Outreach

•          Financial Resources

•          Enrollment Management

•          Student-Centered Support and Success

•          Campus Culture, Shared Governance, Morale and Wellness

•          Efficiency, Collaboration, Continuous Improvement, and Optimization

•          Faculty/Staff Retention

•          High Quality Academic Programs

•          Affordability and Access of Education

•          Bold Ideas and New Frontiers

Each of the concept papers will be reviewed during the Vision Conferences. The goal of each Vision Conference is to develop the vision for SDSU's future.