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Stakeholder Engagement

Campus Engagement


April 13, 2017

The strategic planning engagement sessions will focus on specific topics identified by the Strategic Planning Team. The process is the result of information gathered during the recent stakeholder engagement sessions. The Strategic Planning Team has identified the following 13 themes for deeper conversation and consideration:

•           Identity/Brand (points of distinction for the university)

•           Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

•           Research Excellence, Expansion, and Innovation

•           Community Relationships, Engagement, and Outreach

•           Financial Resources

•           Enrollment Management

•           Student-Centered Support and Student Success

•           Campus Culture & Wellness, Shared Governance, Morale

•           Efficiency, Collaboration, Continuous Improvement, and Optimization

•           Faculty/Staff Retention

•           High Quality Academic Programs

•           Affordability of Education and Access

•           Bold Ideas/New Frontiers

The purpose of each theme-based engagement session is to gather additional information and data points to assist in development of a concept paper on the theme. The campus community is invited to participate in any of these sessions.

Engagement Sessions Schedule



Feb. 27, 2017

The Strategic Planning team has developed a schedule for engagement opportunities which involve sessions at the department level as well as some leadership and shared governance engagement opportunities. The list of internal stakeholder engagement sessions can found at the link below.

On-Campus Stakeholder Meeting Schedule


Participants in the sessions are asked to think about the strategic direction of SDSU and participate with individual ideas. A worksheet has been developed to assist in the creation of those ideas.

Stakeholder Engagement Session Worksheet

The worksheet is geared toward getting participants to think broadly about the University as a whole and not a specific college, department, division, or individual needs. Participants will be asked to turn the worksheet in at the end of the session to be used for input and to identify themes for further reflection throughout the process.


State of Higher Education

Jan. 19, 2017

Strategic Planning, 2023 began with a two-day retreat for the leadership team. Part of the retreat included a State of Higher Education presentation by John Tannous from EAB. The presentation was held in the Volstorff Ballroom in the University Student Union and was open to the campus community.

John Tannous, EAB
John Tannous

Tannous serves as Associate Director of Research Delivery with EAB. He has contributed to EAB’s research programs serving provosts, deans, chief business officers, enrollment managers, heads of student affairs, senior alumni relations and development officers, and other university executives. Over the last four years, he has supervised or contributed to 140+ research projects for EAB members.

Tannous has a B.A. from The Ohio State University, where he also worked in student affairs and institutional research before coming to EAB.


State of Higher Education Presentation