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Accessible Images

Alternative text

To ensure that screen readers can understand what type of image is being displayed, images must contain the proper alternate text. Within our editor, a field for alt text is present and required. If you are adding an image that contains text, e.g. a poster with dates and events, the alt text as well as the body field must contain all of the same text that appears on the image.

To learn how to write descriptive, contextual alternate text, please reference the documents we provide for more information. In sum, our site uses a media browser for image uploading. The media browser allows content editors to select photos, which creates image file entities and supplies alternative text fields and caption fields for each image. After uploading an image to the media browser, images are rendered in the markup. If you want to upload more than one image, you must remember to add a caption and/or alternative text for each photo.

The “E” button within the rich text field allows content editors to embed an image from the media browser via a button. All images and graphics must have text equivalents in the form of alternative text, captions or transcripts, that convey the equivalent meaning as the visual images. The editor requires content editors to fill out the alternative text for all uploaded photos to helps screen readers explain the properties an image portrays to users with visual disabilities. For example, if you upload a headshot image of a faculty member—first name, last name and department—serve as an acceptable alternative text description e.g. “Jane Doe, University Marketing and Communications.”

If you upload an image of a group of students on campus—the location of the photograph, the name of the group featured, and any significant landmarks—serve as an acceptable alternative text description e.g. “Four dairy science sophomores prepare to climb the Coughlin Campanile.” As a content editor, you must also ensure all linked images contain a descriptive alternative text. If you upload a complex image or graphic, please provide or link to a descriptive transcript.


With questions, email websupport.