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IP Lab Graduate Student Theses

IP Theses Books

The theses graduate students wrote about their research in the Image Processing Lab are listed below:



  • Chander, Gyanesh. Theoretical and applied radiometric cross-calibration of satellite optical sensors
  • Karki, Sadhana. Radiometric calibration and uncertainty analysis of Landsat MSS sensors using a radiance based approach on pseudo-invariant calibration sites
  • Mishra, Nischal. Use of EO-1 Hyperion to perform spectral band adjustment of Landsat- 7 ETM+ and Terra Modis sensors for accurate cross calibration
  • Shilpakar, Dinesh. Relative modulation transfer function correction of degraded Landsat 4 thematic mapper detectors
  • Rijal, Ashok. Analysis of Antarctica as a potential satellite calibration site using the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) sensor
  • Basnet, Bikash. Identification of worldwide optimal pseudo-invariant calibration sites for post-launch radiometric calibration of Earth observation satellite sensors.
  • Shrestha, Alok Kumar. Relative gain characterization and correction for push broom sensors on lifetime image statistics and wavelet filtering. 
  • Bhatt, Rajendra. Consistent radiometric calibration of Landsat-1 through -5 MSS sensors using pseudo-invariant calibration sites. 
  • Morstad, Daniel. Automated pseudo-invariant calibration site selection using temporal statistics. 
  • Uprety, Sirish. Radiometric stability analysis of Landsat-1 through -5 MSS sensors.
  • Malla, Rimy. Radiometric calibration of reflective bands of the Landsat 4 and 5 thematic mappers using multiple calibration sources. 
  • Davoux, Daren. Long term implications of ethanol-based fuel on an aviation aircraft fuel system
  • Nagamalla, Ganga Prasad. Colorimetric Sensor Design
  • Adusei, Bernard. Landsat scene normalization using MODIS 250 meter tree cover map
  • Hun Lee, Jae. Development of an image database web service for Landsat archive using XML-RPC. 
  • Angal, Amit. Advanced Land Imager relative gain characterization and correction
  • Haque, Obaidul. Optimal estimation of Landsat 5 thematic mapper gain
  • Kim, Jung Yeon. Development of web-based clipping mechanism for Landsat imagery
  • Puppala, Ravi. Design and implementation of histogram equalization for the Landsat thematic mapper
  • Darbha, Ravikanth. Geometric characterization of IKONOS and QuickBird high resolution imagery
  • Madhavan, Sriharsha. Landsat 5 relative gain analysis characterization of the relative radiometric gain of all reflective channels of the Landsat 5 thematic mapper.
  • Mettler, Cory. Radiometric characterization and calibration of the Landsat 4 thematic mapper cold focal plane
  • Hijazi, Samer L. A one-year radiometric evaluation of the Advanced Land Imager (ALI)
  • Kempaiah Rangaswamy, Manjunath. Quickbird II: two dimensional on-orbit modulation transfer function analysis using convex mirror array
  • Micijevic, Esad. Landsat 5: characterization of outgassing effects on the thematic mapper cold focal plane
  • Law, Yoon-Pheng. Landsat 7 EMT+ coherent noise characterization and correction. 
  • Liew, Siau-Way. Landsat 5 thematic mapper cold focal plane characterization.
  • Ruggles, Timothy A. Registration of remotely sensed images using rasterized vector data sources and edge images
  • Yang, Kun. Measuring image quality of stereo image pairs after lossy compression
  • Chen, Qiong. Image noise filtering by using a local median and median variance estimator
  • Choate, Mike. Filtering with the wavelet transform
  • Jamshedji, Sheriar. Writing image processing applications using objected-oriented programming
  • Abbas, Magdi. Removing spot panchromatic noise.
  • Kommareddy, Priya K. Image noise filtering by using a local variance estimator
  • Steinwand, Daniel R. Algorithms for the automated matching of remotely sensed imagery
  • Drackley, Thomas Eugene. Truncation effects of a debanding algorithm used on Landsat TM images
  • Hassan, Rizgar. Wavelets and signal processing.