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COVID-19 Updates: Stay Informed

Upcoming Profile Changes

For the past two years, profiles have been disconnected from broader university systems. This means when someone joins the university, there is a complete manual process of creating a new profile for that person. The same is true for leaving, the process is a manual update done.

Problems from duplicated effort

This leads to two distinct issues. Errors happen, and do so regularly. This is to be expected pretty much anywhere information is entered by humans, and the best way to address this problem is to stop duplicating entry. Additionally, with hundreds of employee changes a year, this is a huge time sink. We moved to an automatic connection for this reason.

What this means for profiles

Profile contact and employment details will no longer be edited using Instead, contact details will be edited on the directory. This has two important benefits. One is a direct source of common information for displaying publicly, and ensuring up to date contact details for other university functions. The other is automatic adding and removal of employees as they become available in the university system.

So, coming soon, the public profile information, specifically these fields:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Sort Name
  • Primary/Secondary department
  • Office Phone
  • Office Mailing address
  • Office Room
  • Office Building

will be populated from the internal directory. They will no longer be editable on the public site. Additionally, any changes to contact details on InsideState are passed to HR for updating in Banner as well, versus requiring an update on the public and internal fac/staff portal.

What you need to do

There will be a quick link to edit your contact details, where you will need to login first, and then be able to edit your information. Critical updates can be done by contacting us by email at websupport, but generally they should be live anywhere from 24 to 48 hours once submitted. Additionally, if an employee leaves the university, once their Banner profile disappears from InsideState, it should follow suit within 24 hours on the public site.

This process is not two way; additional profile details, like research, biography, expert areas, will not be filled on InsideState any longer; instead they will only be editable on the public site, as well as professional photographs (see our portrait studio for getting an updated public photo) uploaded there.


The overall system will be more robust and far more accurate as to current employees, which reflects well on the university as a whole. Finally, if there are any questions contact us by email at websupport.

How fields are related between InsideState and public

InsideStatePublic sites (, sdsuextension, etc)

Preferred First Name > First Name

Name (First, Last)

Sort Name (Last, First)

Preferred Last Name > Last Name

Name (First, Last)

Sort Name (Last, First)

Preferred Middle Name > Middle NameNot used on public site.


User account name (part before

Login name (part before

TitleWorking Title (prepopulated)
DepartmentBanner Department
Secondary DepartmentBanner Department
Banner DepartmentDepartments/Landing Pages (department, secondary department, others)
Office LocationBuilding, Room, Mailing Address (line 1)
Department/Box # Mailing Address (line 2)

Address Line #3

Mailing Address (line 3) If University Station, we set the building and room from Office Location, if properly spelled.
City, State Zip CodeMailing Address (line 4)
Campus PhoneOffice Phone (if no phone is present, we use first department's contact phone, if no department phone is set, we use a default phone)

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