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Text Block Paragraph

The Text Block Paragraph is useful for keeping your images and text contained within the same block where the Formatted Text Paragraph will not. Text Block also features fluid columns (2, 3 and 4) and the ability to add a background color (light gray or light blue) to the block.

  1. To add a text block to your page, click the edit button and scroll to Page Paragraphs just below the body field.
  2. Click "Add paragraph" and select "Text Block" in the list.
  3. If desired, add a title to the "Heading" field. (Note: will not be affected by columns)
  4. If desired, add subtitle text with the "Subhead" field. (Note: will not be affected by columns)
  5. Use the "Body" field for the bulk of the content. Can add text, images, video, etc. just like a regular page Body field or the Formatted Text Paragraph. (Note: this is the only field affected by columns style options.)
  6. If columns in the text block are desired, select either 2, 3 or 4 columns. Note: These columns are fluid and will change when viewed on different screen sizes. Also for best results when using images with columns, click "Edit media" for each image in the Body field and change the alignment to "Centered" and set the display to "Rich Text Editor - Large".
  7. If a background color is desired, check light gray or light blue.
  8. Saving the page: From dropdown next to "Change to:" choose one of the following statuses:
    • Ready to Review: If it is ready to be published.
    • In progress: If you want to hold on publishing or are still editing.

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