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Fast Facts Paragraph

A fast fact is an element for displaying concise information. Some good examples are displaying the number of undergraduate and graduate students in your department, your student to faculty ratio, job placement numbers or your department's graduates, the number of students awarded scholarships and the amount of scholarship money your department awarded.

  1. To add fast facts to your page, click the edit button and scroll to Page Paragraphs just below the body field.
  2. Click "Add paragraph" and select "Fast Facts" in the list.
  3. If desired, give the group of fast facts a title in the "Fast Facts Title" field.
  4. Enter the title of the Fast Facts item in the "Fast Fact Item Title" field.
    1. An example is "Number of Students."
  5. In the "Fast Fact Value" field, enter the value of your fast facts item.
    1. An example is "105" for the number of undergraduate students.
  6. If needed, enter the description for the value of the fast facts item in the "Fast Fact Description" field.
    1. Example "Undergraduate".
  7. If desired, add a new value to the item by clicking the "Add Fast Fact Value" button; Or to add another fast facts item, click the "Add Fast Fact Item" button; Or to add another row, click the "Add Fast Facts Row" button.
  8. Saving the page: From dropdown next to "Change to:" choose one of the following statuses:
    • Ready to Review: If it is ready to be published.
    • In progress: If you want to hold on publishing or are still editing.

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