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Box Call to Action Paragraph


  • There are 2 style options for the Box Call to Action Paragraph: Blue Overlay Box or Text Overlay Box.
  • Crop your images to avoid awkward placement. Preferred size is 400x400 pixels under 1 MB.
  • You can add up to six boxes in one specific paragraph item. If you want more than six, you will have to create a whole new Box Call to Action Paragraph.
  • To add another box, click Add Call to Action NOT Add Another Item.


  1. To add a Box Call to Action, select Add Paragraph.
    Add Paragraph button
  2. Choose Box Call to Action Group as your option.
    box call to action button
  3. Choose your theme: Blue Overlay Box or Text Overlay Box.
    select style opions
  4. Load an image for your box. Add a Title that you want to be displayed. Add your CTA Link.
    Example of Box Call to Action Paragraph fields
  5. Click Add Call to Action if you want more boxes (up to 6) and start at step 1 again.
  6. Saving the page: From dropdown next to "Change to:" choose one of the following statuses:
    • Ready to Review: If it is ready to be published.
    • In progress: If you want to hold on publishing or are still editing.


Blue Box Overlay CTA Example
Blue Overlay Box Option
Box Call to Action Group example
Text Overlay Box Option

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