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South Dakota State University

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Library Policies

Circulation and Reserve

Circulation of Library Materials Policy
Faculty and Staff Inventory and Renewals Policy
Library Charges Policy
Printing, Copying, & Vending Refunds Policy
Reserve Copyright Policy
Confidentiality of Patron Records Under the USA Patriot Act

Government Documents

Federal Documents Collection Policy

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Policy - Books and Other Loans
Interlibrary Loan Policy - Copies of Articles, Book Chapters, etc.
Interlibrary Loan Policy - Copyright
Interlibrary Loan Policy - Service to Other Libraries

Library Spaces

Classroom Use Policy
Group Study Room Policy
Graduate Study Rooms Policy
     Graduate Study Room Application
Archives Reading Room Reservation and Use Policy
Events with Collaborating Partners

Other Library Policies

Accepting Other Libraries' Items to be Returned Policy
Cellular Phone Use Policy
Library Computer Use Policy
Petitions and Solicitations Policy
Service to Non-SDSU Users Policy
Service to Students with Disabilities Policy