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Library Policies

Briggs Library Policy Manual

Section 1: Preface

1:1 Policy and Procedure Approval

Section 2: Circulation and Reserve

2:1 Circulation of Library Materials Policy

2:2 Faculty and Staff Inventory and Renewals Policy

Section 3: Interlibrary Loan

3:3 Interlibrary Loan Copyright Policy

Section 4: Library Spaces and Events

4:1 Archives Reading Room Reservation and Use Policy

4:2 Classroom Use Policy

4:3 Events with Collaborating Partners Policy

4:4 Exhibits Policy

4:6 Graduate Study Room Policy

4:7 Group Study Room Reservation and Use Policy

Section 5: Payments, Receipts and Donations

5:5 Library Charges

5:6 Printing, Copying, and Vending Refunds

Section 6: Collection Statements

6:4 Paper vs. Online Serial Subscriptions Policy

Section 10: Other

10:1 Accepting Other Libraries' Materials Returned to Briggs Library Policy

10:2 Cell Phones and Other Audible Electronic Devices Policy

10:4 Damaged Materials Policy

10:5 Legal Requests for Library Records Policy

10:6 Petitions and Solicitations Policy

10:7 Public Computer Use Policy

10:8 Service to Non-SDSU Users Policy

10:10 Theft of Library Property Policy

11. Care and Handling of Bound Materials Policy