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Undergraduate Programs


Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietetics offers a wide variety of jobs in hospitals, health promotion programs, nursing homes, public health agencies, industries, schools, universities, the armed services, and state, national and international organizations. A dietitian must have a good background in the basic and behavioral sciences to apply the science of nutrition for the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science graduate will possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to enhance awareness, change behavior, and create environments that support good health practices, including, but not limited to exercise and physical activity.

Community & Public Health

The Health Education program is designed to prepare students in conducting health education and health promotion activities in a non-classroom setting. The program objectives are to facilitate the development of professional skills in program planning, implementation and evaluation as well as offer a broad course work curriculum in personal and community health.

Physical Education Teacher Education

The Physical Education Teacher Education major provides knowledge, skills and abilities to students who are interested in becoming physical education teachers in K-12 schools. Coursework includes skill classes designed to teach candidates how to teach the content that forms the basis of physical education in schools as well as refine their personal skills in those areas.

Sport, Recreation, & Park Management

The park and recreation management curriculum at SDSU is designed to help interested students develop into park recreation and sport professionals who provide individuals the opportunities to work with people, use creativity and imagination, practice leadership skills, and help guide people in their leisure pursuits to live richer, fuller, and happier lives.


Health Education

A Health Education minor is an interdisciplinary minor offered to any student at South Dakota State University; it may be of particular interest to those pursuing a teaching degree. This minor is strongly suggested for those individuals pursuing a major in HPER with a teaching specialization.


The Nutrition minor provides students a strong fundamental knowledge of metabolism and the complex interaction between foods and our bodies.

Recreation Administration

A Recreation Administration minor can lead to summer/seasonal opportunities with municipal park and recreation agencies, state and national park agencies, Boys and Girls Clubs, and YMCA or YWCA's.

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