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Transdisciplinary Childhood Obesity Prevention (TOP) Graduate Certificate Program

TOP SDSU Faculty

Pictured (left to right), Back Row: Becky Jensen, Jessica Meendering, Tara Shafrath, Howard Wey, Kendra Kattelmann; Front Row: Lacey McCormack, Hope Kleine, Mary Bowne, Elizabeth Droke. Not pictured: Suzanne Stluka

Transdisciplinary Childhood Obesity Prevention (TOP)
Graduate Certificate Program

The Transdisciplinary Childhood Obesity Prevention (TOP) graduate certificate is a graduate certificate program aimed to engage students in transdisciplinary approaches to childhood obesity prevention through coursework and community based experiential learning opportunities. This program is unique, as it provides expertise in a job market that is desperate for trained professionals in the prevention of childhood obesity. The program will expose students to a variety of disciplines involved in the prevention of childhood obesity, allow students the opportunity to design childhood obesity prevention initiatives and prepare students to conduct transdisciplinary research on the behavioral, social, biological and environmental causes of childhood obesity. Students will develop skills required to implement evidence based transdisciplinary approaches to prevention. Faculty from Nutrition, Exercise Science, Early Childhood Education and Nursing work collaboratively with SDSU Extension to implement the TOP graduate certificate program. Students will obtain a TOP program certificate upon completion of the requirements for both the certificate and the Masters or Doctoral degree from their respective college.

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*Any graduate student currently pursuing their Master's or Doctoral degree is eligible to enroll in the TOP Program.

Program Support

The SDSU/UNL TOP graduate program is supported by the National Research Initiative Grant no. 2011-67002-30202 from the Food and Agriculture Division of Nutrition.

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