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Financial aid for students is becoming more important for students, and the Department appreciates the generosity of our alumni and friends that make these scholarships possible.

The Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences uses the general online scholarship application form that can be found at MyState.

How to Apply

To be considered for most SDSU scholarships, including the Jackrabbit Guarantee, admitted first-year students must complete the Freshman Academic Scholarship Application. Along with the application, students should submit a recommendation letter and personal statement.

Students currently enrolled at SDSU should check MyState for scholarship updates.
Priority is given to applications received on or before January 15.

Some of the scholarships available to our students are listed below. If you would like to establish a scholarship, follow the Giving to the Department link.

  • Ethel Austin Martin Scholarship
  • Dr. S.K. Dash Scholarship in Food Science and Nutrition
  • Jason and Rachel Flaskey Scholarship in Education and Human Sciences
  • Carroll (Svanda '61) Borland , and in Memory of Theodore J. and Anna Svanda Endowed Scholarship
  • Darling Dietetics Scholarship
  • Alma Nelson Scholarship in Dietetics
  • Robert and Madeleine Rose Scholarship Albert and Edna Thompson Scholarship in Nutrition & Food Sciences
  • Helen Jean Kattelmann Memorial Scholarship in Dietetic
  • Luetta and Merle Ferwerda Memorial Scholarship in Dietetics
  • Merry Ann DeVaney Sauls Scholarship in Nutrition & Food Science
  • Waneta Holscher Scholarship in Dietetics
  • South Dakota Dietetic Association Scholarship
  • Margaret Schmidt Amundson Athletic Training Scholarship
  • Jim and Kathy Booher Scholarship in Athletic Training
  • Sister Janice Iverson Scholarship in Education and Human Sciences
  • Warren E. Williamson Scholarship in Intramural Sports
  • Tracey Kruger Nutrition, Food Science and Hospitality Scholarship
  • Robert Chamberlin Scholarship in Nutrition and Food Science
  • Jim Emmerich Scholarship Fund Bill Hennrich Scholarship
  • Sister Janice Iverson Scholarship in HPER
  • Warren E. Williamson Scholarship in Recreation Administration
  • Friends of Athletic Training Scholarship 
  • Marilyn A. Swanson Scholarship in Nutrition & Food Science & Hospitality
  • Louise Guild Scholarship in Nutrition
  • Adela Dolney Graduate Award for Advanced Nutrition Studies
  • Dean Johnson Scholarship in Public Recreation
  • Matthew and Colleen Vukovich Scholarship