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Year One (begins during the Fall semester after being accepted)

Fall & Spring Semesters:  Graduate coursework on the SDSU campus

Year Two (begins in the Summer)

June –August:  All interns take the NUTR 795 Practicum and Orientation course which meets for ~10 different 2-3 hours sessions throughout June and July on the SDSU campus.  Interns complete the majority of their didactic rotation hours and may also continue to work on research rotation hours related to their review paper or thesis.  Interns are also assigned a Community Project facilitated by SDSU Extension and/or the NDI PD and complete ~80 hours of their community rotation.

August – May:  Interns complete remaining graduate coursework credits online while engaged in their supervised practice rotations.

September-May:  Interns are located to their home base region and start either their Clinical, Management or continue with their Community Rotation hours.

Interns will typically spend:

  • 10-12 weeks completing their Management Rotation
  • 10-12 weeks completing their Clinical Rotation
  • ~10 weeks completing the remainder of their Community Rotation hours.

NOTE: Interns who have opted to complete a research thesis can complete the entire program in 2 years but may have up to 3 years for completion of graduate coursework + supervised practice hours.  Accepted interns who already have a graduate degree can complete the program in one year and would start in June post acceptance with the Practicum and Orientation.

Supervised Practice Rotations are completed during the final academic year the intern is completing their graduate coursework requirements.